The Bourne Conspiracy Review: XboxOZ360

XboxOZ360 writes:
"Who couldn't watch a Bourne movie and imagine playing it as a video game? The fast pace, fantastic 'who am I' storyline, brutal combat, and shaky cam are tailor made for a game. Luckily High Moon Studios and Sierra agreed, and went about making The Bourne Conspiracy. The problem is that most movie-to-game conversions are abysmal cash-ins that only make you think of what could have been. So, is Conspiracy another crappy tie-in or is it a genuine "bourne again" movie-to-game experience?"

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Silogon3788d ago

Rise to honor for the ps2 always comes to mind when I think of this game now. Way ahead of its time, if you ask me. Rise to honor that is.

gaminoz3788d ago

I never played that one. Why does this game remind you of it?
The Bourne movies really took action film to a new place: just look at how Bond was changed even. The game is fun too; I'm so glad it didn't turn out to be trash like Iron Man.

Silogon3787d ago

It has the same core mechanics. You can use the environments to fight and you can flip off walls and smash their heads into things just like you do in this game. Sure the comabt was a bit awkward at first getting use to the stick movments for all your moves but in the end I loved the game. Check it out if you have time, man. It's super cheap now and Amazon should have it. A great time waster for about 6 hours. Think Double Dragon only deeper.

gaminoz3787d ago

My darn 40 gig PS3 isn't reverse compatible or I would!!! Curse you Sonyyyyyyyy!!! (shakes fist).

Superfragilistic3787d ago

It's great to see developers really trying fresh approaches to movie licensed games. I'm sure to pick this one up at some stage as I really enjoyed the cinematic appeal of the first part of the demo.

morganfell3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

too bad the game doesn't live up to it's billing. the fight system is actually broken. punch and kick combos are not possible at all due to the time necessary to wait before kicks can be thrown. don't worry, the ai will show you how to do it as they are able to execute combos that bourne can't. also the ability to use items in your environment sounds nice but bourne has to be slowly worked over to where the items are. you can't move there with any sense of realistic action.

and once bourne enters a fight, he forgets he has a gun. that's pretty easy to do when they disappear from his body. that was one of the good things about uncharted. punch a guy a few times to get them off balance, jump back pull up a gun and dust them off. bourne is a rental at the most desperate of times.

gaminoz3787d ago

Some fair points, but I still think the game was much better than expected. Maybe being able to pistol whip would have been a good move too...

LJWooly3787d ago

The point of Bourne not using guns, is that he tries to avoid killing people where it's not necessary. As for the disappearing from the body, I never really noticed it, I was too busy actually playing the bloody game, rather than picking it apart and crying "unrealistic!"

I think £3 to rent this game for a couple of nights is well worth it, personally. No, I wouldn't spend £50 on it, but there aren't many games that I'd spend much money on nowadays anyway.

morganfell3787d ago

should bourne still try to avoid killing people when they pull a knife and start slashing away at him? no, once it reaches that point he is going to kill. look at the moves when he chokes people to death when he could just choke them out.