Why Re-Releasing Video Games Isn’t Just Greed

Take a look at some of the biggest video games coming out this year — Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us Remastered, The Master Chief Collection and Metro Redux. A feeling of deja vu is understandable. These previously released titles are coming out again for PS4 and/or Xbox One. For Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us and Metro Redux, these updated versions come only about a year after the original releases. It’s easy to look at the slew of re-releases hitting store shelves this year as yet another attempt by greedy video game publishers to squeeze more money out of gamers.

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AgentSmithPS41396d ago

And correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't these companies that make great games be getting some extra money from these re-releases so that potentially benefits us when they make new games?

SpinalRemains1381396d ago

In a perfect world, yes.

In the real world though, they're prone to using the business model which reaps the biggest profits from the smallest overhead.

They would all love to port finished products for 1/100 the work while charging near full price.

Its just business. I know ND is currently working on UC4, but after we get that, we are going to see UC remakes rather than a new game. Mark my words.

Spotie1396d ago

Except didn't we already have reports that they're working on a new game already, one that's not Uncharted?

And aren't most of these handled by smaller devs, rather than the original studios, meaning that the original dev is still free to work on something else?

Your pessimism seems to be based on the worst-case scenario that these remakes and remasters are being made in lieu of new games, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

mrpsychoticstalker1396d ago

It's greed, plain and simple.... They need that extra boost of profits. I only wish they did this two or three years after the very first game not 6 months after.

MegaRay1396d ago

I Must agree with you on this one. games that older than 3 years atleast is welcomed and if i liked the original ill defiantly buy the remastered version.

RantandRave1396d ago

I'm torn on remakes/remasters, it's great to see them on next gen but I don't agree necessarily with the pricing (especially when you consider games age). If Gamestop, XB1, PS4 could offer the same deals like($9.99 upgrade via digital or S25.00 with trade in of old copy or free season pass if previously purchased)then that wouldn't be so bad I guess. I just hate waiting for price drops :(

Artista 1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

It's always nice to have options. .

I don't wanna find myself wishing, oh, If only I could play Bioshock on my Xbox One. . Better Visuals and higher framerates. . better looking textures etc... on better hardware. It's a classic.

I don't own a 360, and ive never played through Halo. . oh wait, I'll be able to do that on the Xbox One soon. .

I don't like the idea of stacking consoles from previous gens.