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Metroid Could Use a Reboot

If done poorly, reboots are harshly criticized as the last dying breath of a failing brand, or a desperate cash-grab that lacks innovation. However, if done successfully, a reboot can revitalize a franchise and create a new audience for itself. I think it's about time that one of my favorite franchises aims for the latter. Metroid could use a reboot.

Okay, Nintendo fans, put down the pitchforks and hear me out. Metroid is an outstanding series that has a lot to offer, and will hopefully continue to pump out great games for years to come. However, with the way the series is currently laid out, creativity is limited, and Metroid can't tap into its full potential. Couple that with the fact that Nintendo hasn't met their goal of making Wii U appealing to an older audience, and it makes a reboot advantageous for both Metroid and Wii U in general.

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Erimgard  +   187d ago
Great franchise, but they've confined themselves too much with the story. Would love to see start fresh with a darker tone.
texag2011  +   186d ago
I'm Down
Kevlar009  +   186d ago
There's still two pathways to go, the sequel to Prime 3 thanks to the mystery ship at 100% completion, and post-Fusion where Samus severs ties with the Federation. Post-Fusion could go the darker route, some sort of virus or parasite released by the Fed that threatens the Galaxy
ironfist92  +   186d ago
I'd love a sequel to Metroid Prime Hunters, but with a bigger focus on backstories and character, especially with Sylux.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   186d ago
Almost all Metroid games have a pretty dark plot when you think about them...
But the last thing we need is to turn it so dark that it becomes just another gritty space marine clone with cover mechanics and drama.
They've achieved a good balance in story atmosphere so far, Other M not included, by always having something much more sinister lurking behind the scenes of her adventures.
I say let's not overdo the dark tones.
DirtyPimp  +   186d ago
metroid is an awesome franchise. nintendo has an awesome fps.2d
colonel179  +   186d ago
Nintendo has so many awesome franchises with tons of potential! The biggest three for me are Metroid, Star Fox and Zelda. Those three could use a deeper story to make them much more valuable.
randomass171  +   186d ago
They don't need to reboot it. Just retcon Other M's story line.
Metallox  +   186d ago
They should put an in-joke in the new game saying that Other M was a dream, and then Samus wakes up and its revealed that she is a badass bounty hunter.
ChickeyCantor  +   186d ago
Eh I don't think other m was trying to portray her as a fragile damsel in distress. She still kicked ass. It was just very poor story writing which came off wrong in so many ways.
SpiralTear  +   186d ago
The Metroid series sure gets a lot of "reboots."
camel_toad  +   186d ago
I think they hand it off outside of Nintendo too much. I loved prime but it was a risk for the franchise - but it paid off. Other M was a risk that turned into a mistake.
chrissx  +   186d ago
A well done reboot sounds cool
EcoSos3  +   186d ago
Nah it doesn't need it there are only 4 main Metriod games, Fusion being the last. I would like to see what happen next if they'll go with the Fusion suit or go back to the Varia suit for Metriod 5, if it ever gets maid.
Linchpin  +   186d ago
Article needs a reboot.
Inception  +   186d ago
Nope, it doesn't need. Metroid universe are big and nintendo can explore or add new story without contradicting the previous games.
ExiledBlitz  +   186d ago
"Okay, Nintendo fans, put down the pitchforks and hear me out."

I can't imagine why any Nintendo fans would be opposed to a reboot. Metroid Prime, while magnificent, has had three hearty installments and most of us pretend Other M doesn't exist. As long as it's developed with love and care, who cares? It's not really a series that depends on a sequential narrative. Like many Nintendo games, it's just about nailing the overall vibe.
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ChickeyCantor  +   186d ago
How do you suggest the game to be then?
There are still so many things they could do in a prime setup, as well in the 2d setups.

"As long as it's developed with love and care, who cares?"

Other M was made with love and care, still convinced?
BVFTW  +   186d ago
I want to know about Samus hunt after fusion, she has her genes spliced with metroids capabilities and weaknesses and could be named enemy of the federation (they wan to study her and her new dna make-up), she could've been charged with the destruction of the research space station with footage of the parasite mimicking her, there is a lot of potential for a darker history line, there is no need for a reboot.
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Drummerdude41  +   186d ago
i want like a metroid world rpg. crossing through the universe(more open world) and going on different space missions.
fatneal  +   186d ago
i want to have a discussion about other M...as a long time fan of the series i dont understand why people hate other m so much. lets pretend other m was rooted in reality....what about the story or character development seems fake? everything was plausible within the context it was presented...

as far as this article goes i think metroid could go either way. reboot or not i want a mix of prime and other m gameplay...infact i wouldnt mind an over the shoulder 3rd person metroid game
OtakuDJK1NG  +   186d ago

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