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Doom - Quakecon Demo Displayed Visuals Really Close To Those Of The Pre-Rendered E3 Teaser Trailer

Since Doom was revealed behind closed doors - and as there is still no footage from it - a lot of gamers wondered whether the E3 teaser trailer packed in-game visuals or not. After all, Bethesda has never commented on whether the teaser trailer featured in-engine visuals or not. Well, according to Doomworld's members 'GoatLord' and 'Caffeine Freak' who attended Quakecon, Doom's demo was pretty close to that E3 teaser trailer (graphics wise), though it did look exactly the same as that pre-rendered trailer. (Doom, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

richierich  +   93d ago
But isnt this a cross gen title?
Dewitt  +   93d ago
Nope next-gen only, also wow if those were the graphics they witnessed.
elhebbo16  +   93d ago
nope, Its using idtech 6.
Kleptic  +   92d ago
Do you have any better sources for that? I'm not disagreeing, just keep seeing conflicting word on that...

Originally everyone said its using a 'new engine', but then a couple interviews with Bethesda and iD said it was using a 'highly modified version of IDTech 5 (rage engine), and we're only focusing on next gen equipment'...or something like that...

don't really care either way...i just want to actually see the gameplay haha...
elhebbo16  +   92d ago
@kleptic http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

on the left it says "Engine - Idtech 6"

plus it was mentioned at quakecon that it its using it and not idtech 5.
ATi_Elite  +   93d ago
Lets just say Doom is trying very very hard to reach that level of graphics that the trailer had but you can guarantee it will fall way way short.

They can only push the id Tech 6 engine so far, Hell they would of been better using the CryEngine to make Doom.

Yeh I was at QuakeCon and id tech 6 is garbage compared to Cryengine ESPECIALLY with the art style they are going for.

lots of goo, slime, blood etc. with dynamic lighting and reflections plus tons of shadows and particle effects from explosions via embers or blood splatters.

CryEngine would run Doom to amazing graphical levels.
id tech 6 had problems doing a pre-rendered trailer.

which is why Doom will not be shown until 2015 and after the completely overhaul id Tech 6 (or admit defeat and use the CryEngine)
john2  +   93d ago
I'm pretty sure Tiego Sousa will bring a lot of techniques and ideas from CRYENGINE to id Tech 6.
UltraNova  +   93d ago
Yeah that would be great for Crytek, they could make lots of money from the subsequent lawsuits against Bethesda, after-all they need the cash now more than ever...

Just kidding! sort of...
Dudebro90  +   93d ago
Id tech has always been about 60 fps and will be a better fit than cry engine which has always been visuals above frame rate.
rdgneoz3  +   93d ago
They might be previous gen, but the texture popins in Rage were horrendous. If we got that at 60 fps, hell no. Cry engine, or Crytek in general, has always been about a beautiful games. They just lack in other departments.
ATi_Elite  +   93d ago
Id tech has always been about popins and screen tearing unlike the Cryengine which give solid performance no matter the amount of data.

I suggest you go play FarCry and then Rage. You will see a HUGE difference in engine quality even though Cryengine one is over 12 years old.
Sykoticz  +   93d ago
Cryengine is good for outside and Unreal engine is good for inside.
elhebbo16  +   93d ago
If idtech truly use ray tracing in some sort of way or the other (like the wikipedia page says) then it would obliterate cryengine and UE4 anyday of the week. Of course that would take a lot of graphical horsepower to run.
ATi_Elite  +   92d ago
Many game engines are capable of singular uses of ray tracing like reflections or mirror images like the scopes in bf3.

But a full ray trace engine does require lots of power.

We are almost close to a full ray traced game as the gpu power is there and devs are optimizing the engines to not have that static when in motion. Ray traced engines have to built from the ground up.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   93d ago
I'm pretty sure that this Doom will be like its predecessors except Doom 3 hopefully (Crosses fingers).
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ape007  +   93d ago
i understand why some people didn't like DOOM 3 but to me it was a classic and one of my fav original xbox games ever
Ezz2013  +   93d ago
i still play Doom 3 on pc from time to time
i like it alot
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ape007  +   93d ago
^^^^^ yep bought the 360 enhanced collection, freakin awesome
DoomeDx  +   93d ago
'Enhanced edition'

It still didnt even surpass the original PC version :/
Kleptic  +   92d ago
sorry, you guys are crazy...I still have my original day 1 copy of Doom 3 for PC from summer '04...and got the BFG Edition for Ps3 whenever it released...the BFG edition definitely added some things that should've been in there to begin with (flashlight being on your suit, etc.)...but they're still SO FAR from what Doom is all about...it makes my head hurt...

the original Doom games...are what i'm hoping for with this new title...Doom 3, no matter the version or edition...was a prequel to Dead Space...not a reboot of arguably the most well known franchise ever created...

If any of you can play Brutal Doom, and then still think Doom 3 is a 'classic'...i'd be very surprised...its crazy to me they even share the same 4 letter name...
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Ghost_Nappa  +   93d ago
*predecessors *except
Plagasx  +   93d ago
But will it be as revolutionary as Doom 3 was (graphically) when it was released back in 2004?

I don't think so.
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Dudebro90  +   93d ago
Its not trying to raise the bar again, so what's your point??
Muadiib  +   93d ago
Heck the Brutal Doom mod is good looking enough for me, it just needs to be 60 fps minimum, fast paced and visceral like that, that's what made Doom 1&2 so great too, that and the excellent sound effects and music.
TheWackyMan  +   93d ago
Could this mean that Id has returned as the graphical king it once was?
big_dom_part_2  +   93d ago
I see a lot of noise being spouted here in these comments and not a lot or sense being made, especially from ATi_Elite near the top, who just spouted a lot of bollocks to be blunt. Why would id, a company who writes it's own engines and sells them as SDK want to take on another company's engine (last time I checked, Crytek were up shit creek anyway) and work on it, paying them a small fortune for the privilege? Not only that, but Id focus on pushing the envelope in other ways than fancy shaders. They're aiming for performance coupled with bleeding edge visuals. Something Crytek is absolutely shit at: optimisation. Oh, and Tech6 is a brand spanking new engine. Nothing has been built on it. Nothing has been seen on it, and that includes the CGI trailer, which was not rendered on the engine as ATi_Elite says. It was outsourced to another company to produce an offline CGI. The assets have nothing to do with Doom's design, so I wouldn't even expect the look of the Cyberdemon to be the same. Do some homework on the engine, and what it's supposedly aiming for (voxel/tri based hybrid engine with ray casting capabilities) before talking shite, eh?
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ninjahunter  +   93d ago
You would think with it being 'next gen' and all they would just show off how great their games look instead of rigged vertical slices and 5 second clips rendered over at nasa.
Buljo  +   93d ago
The hard pill to swallow here is the idTech 5 engine. It sucks.

EDIT: Just saw they're using idTech 6. Could be good.
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DARK_SOLDIER101  +   92d ago
Lets hop id Tech 6 be good and strong engine
my self i dont like id Tech 5 >john carmack was work on the
new id Tech 6
i think cryengine not fit Doom game because its not suport Blood thing AND THAT KIND OF GAMEs
ATi_Elite YOU think id Tech 6 is garbage > i dont think so

Because id Tech6 run 60 FPS AND CRYengine Run Below that on the same hardware
IaMs12  +   92d ago
Man i cannot wait for this game, favorite franchise! Hope we get to see some footage of it soon and the beta comes smoothly.

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