34 Classic Pokémon Tracks We’d Love to Hear at the Symphonic Evolutions Concert Series

CraveOnline: "In honor of this great event, we’ve compiled 34 classic Pokémon tunes from the first three generations of games that we’d absolutely, positively love to see make the cut for the concert. Obviously not all of these will be chosen, but it’s a nice pool to draw from if anyone involved with the event happens to be reading. For the sake of sticking with “classic” tunes, generations after Ruby and Sapphire have, for now, been omitted. Perhaps there’s enough there for another article down the road."

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ftwrthtx1366d ago

A lot of thought and hard work gets put into video game music for the most part. Some of these tunes I would like on my MP3 player.

novacav1366d ago

Same, it's really amazing how much work goes into these... the soundtracks are hours long! Gen III is amazing for iPod use. The older ones are too but the 8-bit style gets a bit grating eventually, even though the melodies are lovely.

ftwrthtx1366d ago

I want the soundtrack to The Swapper. I love classical music and they nailed that soundtrack.

JonnyBigBoss1366d ago

Some of these tracks summoned nostalgia from me.

novacav1366d ago

Mhmm. Oak's theme is deadly.

Geekman1366d ago

Makes me break out dancing. (Not really.)

TongkatAli1366d ago

I love the main theme where you just walking and the bicycle theme.

thwolf941366d ago

Where are the wild Pokemon themes? Especially ruby and sapphire's?!?!?