Cool Stuff You Missed in GTA 5

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Last winter, some of us gambled that Rockstar would bring Grand Theft Auto 5 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This meant selling our Xbox 360 and PS3 copies of the game and basically crossing our fingers that it would happen, which it will later this fall. Considering the decent number of pre-owned copies in stores, we suspect plenty of other gamers made the same bet.

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ATi_Elite1067d ago

I haven't missed anything because I haven't played it yet!

Will welcome GTAV PC in all it's 4K Glory on my 60" Sony 4K Bravia TV while using a Red Dualshock 4 this fall!

Can't wait for GTAV Icenhancer mod but until then the Spiderman GTAIV mod is AWESOME!

Dudebro901066d ago

GTA V in 4k....good luck with that.

TheSaint1066d ago

Wow, I've been playing GTA V for almost a year now.

Go buy a console as well, they are dirt cheap you know.

SpinalRemains1381066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )



The mission where Trevor tells Wade the story, while they're in the truck, is so hysterical that I had to pause it while I laughed. A game hasn't made me laugh like that in quite a long time.

The game is lots of fun, and Trevor is just too awesome not to love.

ATi_Elite1065d ago

Ok cool will be waiting for that. Thnx

To all others:
Wow the haters are out in full force. Rockstar did a lot of work on the Rage Engine starting with max payne 3 which i can run at 4K even with the High Texture mod.

So many disagrees which i think is funny as they just rage disagree without an explanation.

Feel the burn feel the rage bite your tongue and spit blood as you rage disagree aother ati_elite post.

Now i cant wait for the idiot and his you are acting childess post.

StealthWraith1066d ago

should be called cool stuff you missed in GTA5 that were in GTA SA or past gtas

actually going in and gambling in the casino
gang wars
numerous other odd jobs
pushing/shove any npcs
buying food from vendors

Derekvinyard131066d ago

i miss the weight lifting and the vigilante missions, those were awesome.

DarkMeans1066d ago

Mostly everyone who has/had GTA V played GTA online. So not sure why it's on this list. .. If anything it was Rockstar that missed with online

TheTowelBoy1066d ago

Honestly speaking, I just love jumping then quickly pressing circle and falling on people. Funniest shit, and the cops never get onto you haha love tackling them into the ocean

SpinalRemains1381066d ago

Haha yeah.

I also spent 10 minutes jumping into a waist high fence and watching Trevor's animations as he falls over it and says "Uhh!".

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