Microsoft Says "Don't Believe The Media"

With the sucsess of Apple's iPhone, Many rumors went on about Microsoft jumping into the mobile phone business and maybe turning there Zune into an iphone copy cat. Robbie Batch of Microsoft recently stated...

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Hydrolex3695d ago

Believe us, we want your money and that's why Microsoft is the best in anyway.-

donator3695d ago

Does that mean we shouldn't believe Shane Kim either?

Kyur4ThePain3695d ago

Whatever they bring, it had better be very, very good as the iPhone now is an extremely attractive proposition.
I think I'm getting one for the wife and I each.

aiphanes3695d ago

At $199 or $299 for the 16gb version nothing can compete...they will sell 45 million of these by end of will all the people owning 3g iphones....the app develepment will be off the hinges...

Microsoft can not compete against the Iphone and Ipod..neither can sony..

PoSTedUP3695d ago

MS is notorious for copying ideas. people copy other people, but not like Microsoft, there the king of copy cats.

Adriana Lima3695d ago

"Don't believe macroshaft"

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