DRIVECLUB director on PS4: Not even close to the 'limit of what the PS4 can do'

DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky spoke about the input Evolution Studios had in the creation of the PS4 as well as how they are nowhere close to hitting its limits.

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XiSasukeUchiha1339d ago

So PS4 can even go beyond this!

Reminds me of something somebody once said.

XtraTrstrL1339d ago

Considering the game was originally suppose to be a launch title, I'm sure there's tons of new optimizations and middlewares that have been coming out that they couldn't add to their engine without it being a time-consuming hassle. So, if they were to start from scratch with a new game right now, there's no reason it can't look/perform even better.

That's why I can't wait for Uncharted 4, I'll consider that the 1st preview of what's to come. Because you know that Naughty Dog's next game after that will look even better. And they plan on sticking to 1080p x 60fps for all games moving forward while they're at it.

I hope they're still doing that thing where ICE Team and Naughty Dog and other 1st parties go around to 3rd parties and show them the newest methods and little optimizations they've learned about properly managing memory and hdd space and all that stuff. I remember before the console's launch they mentioned they'd be doing that all throughout the console generation. So, it'll help 3rd parties make better optimized multi-plat engines. For a cross-plat engine, AC:Unity's visuals look nice, I can't wait to see they're next engine upgrade for next gen.

blitz06231339d ago

So are they essentially saying that if they're given more time they can make DC 1080/60 on the PS4?

Army_of_Darkness1339d ago

I was thinking the same thing... Not even close to the ps4's limit cause it's only running at 30fps rather than 60... I'm sure we'll see that in DC2

Magicite1339d ago

come on, its not even 1 year old, of course it can do much more!

gapecanpie1338d ago

Then why no 60fps and why is the game barebones?


user74029311339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Playstation 4 is an absolute beast of a console. Its the arnold schwarzenegger of action movies, The bruce lee of martial arts, The Albert einstein of science.

randomass1711339d ago

Well of course. No console reaches its peak in the first year, least of all the most powerful console of the generation.

captain_slow821339d ago

with time what devs will extract out of the system will be mind blowing

all we have to do is look back on the ps3 exclusives to know this :D

Keith221339d ago

Wonder why no 60fps if its no where near the limit?

dcj05241339d ago

They had at least 4 years.....

typittt691339d ago

Then they can take another 6 months. I'll wait for perfection

captain_slow821339d ago

because its built around a solid 30fps experience and btw dont expect drive club 2 to be 60fps game it will look better but the frame rate of the series is set in stone now :D

Haki11121339d ago

First it's all about 1080p/60 fps now it's okay if it's 30fps lol

OrangePowerz1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Just because it has more power left doesn't mean they know yet how to got to that power.

Let's take as example a racing car. If I give you a Ferrari and drop you on a race track you can stay on the road but you won't do fast times. You know that the car has the power for fast times, but your lack of experience with the car and how to set it up for the track will prevent you from using all that power to get the absolute best time out of the car.

Sure they could have pulled a Forza 5 and downgrade the graphics to hell to hit 60fps.

Fluchtpunkt1339d ago

Its all PR. Nothing else.
But 12yo really think that developers have an emotional connection to a

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