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DRIVECLUB director on PS4: Not even close to the 'limit of what the PS4 can do'

DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky spoke about the input Evolution Studios had in the creation of the PS4 as well as how they are nowhere close to hitting its limits. (Driveclub, Paul Rustchynsky, PS4)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   406d ago
So PS4 can even go beyond this!

Reminds me of something somebody once said.
XtraTrstrL  +   406d ago
Considering the game was originally suppose to be a launch title, I'm sure there's tons of new optimizations and middlewares that have been coming out that they couldn't add to their engine without it being a time-consuming hassle. So, if they were to start from scratch with a new game right now, there's no reason it can't look/perform even better.

That's why I can't wait for Uncharted 4, I'll consider that the 1st preview of what's to come. Because you know that Naughty Dog's next game after that will look even better. And they plan on sticking to 1080p x 60fps for all games moving forward while they're at it.

I hope they're still doing that thing where ICE Team and Naughty Dog and other 1st parties go around to 3rd parties and show them the newest methods and little optimizations they've learned about properly managing memory and hdd space and all that stuff. I remember before the console's launch they mentioned they'd be doing that all throughout the console generation. So, it'll help 3rd parties make better optimized multi-plat engines. For a cross-plat engine, AC:Unity's visuals look nice, I can't wait to see they're next engine upgrade for next gen.
blitz0623  +   406d ago
So are they essentially saying that if they're given more time they can make DC 1080/60 on the PS4?
Army_of_Darkness  +   406d ago
I was thinking the same thing... Not even close to the ps4's limit cause it's only running at 30fps rather than 60... I'm sure we'll see that in DC2
Magicite  +   406d ago
come on, its not even 1 year old, of course it can do much more!
gapecanpie  +   405d ago
Then why no 60fps and why is the game barebones?

user7402931  +   406d ago
Playstation 4 is an absolute beast of a console. Its the arnold schwarzenegger of action movies, The bruce lee of martial arts, The Albert einstein of science.
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randomass171  +   406d ago
Well of course. No console reaches its peak in the first year, least of all the most powerful console of the generation.
captain_slow82  +   406d ago
with time what devs will extract out of the system will be mind blowing

all we have to do is look back on the ps3 exclusives to know this :D
Keith22  +   406d ago
Wonder why no 60fps if its no where near the limit?
nategrigs  +   406d ago
Optimization takes time
dcj0524  +   406d ago
They had at least 4 years.....
typittt69  +   406d ago
Then they can take another 6 months. I'll wait for perfection
captain_slow82  +   406d ago
because its built around a solid 30fps experience and btw dont expect drive club 2 to be 60fps game it will look better but the frame rate of the series is set in stone now :D
Haki1112  +   406d ago
First it's all about 1080p/60 fps now it's okay if it's 30fps lol
OrangePowerz  +   406d ago
Just because it has more power left doesn't mean they know yet how to got to that power.

Let's take as example a racing car. If I give you a Ferrari and drop you on a race track you can stay on the road but you won't do fast times. You know that the car has the power for fast times, but your lack of experience with the car and how to set it up for the track will prevent you from using all that power to get the absolute best time out of the car.

Sure they could have pulled a Forza 5 and downgrade the graphics to hell to hit 60fps.
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Fluchtpunkt  +   406d ago
Its all PR. Nothing else.
But 12yo really think that developers have an emotional connection to a brand....lol
chrissx  +   406d ago
If we are getting games as amazing as the order 1886 and uncharted 4, driveclub now I wonder how later games would be. Wonderful
nategrigs  +   406d ago
Lots of news from these guys today.......Now tell me it'll support the g27 and I'll be happy.
Haki1112  +   406d ago
no clutch or manual it would be a waste sadly
pop_tarts  +   406d ago
That's fully up to Logitech. Evo Studios has no control over that matter.
DarXyde  +   406d ago
The title is misleading. Paul R. says he believes they aren't close, not that they aren't.

I don't doubt that PS4 has a ton of bite left in it, but still.

I think Driveclub is the best looking console game so far, but I am still curious of why they never hit the 60 fps goal they tried for already.
HaveSumNuts  +   406d ago
Kinda shocked considering Driveclub is bordering almost photo realistic for me.
kizzle32  +   406d ago
New System, new game engine built, and 1st gen SDK's are the culprit of them not reaching their 60FPS goal more than likely this early, as time goes on they tweak the engines (optimization) and whatnot they find more power in other ways to get more out of the system.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   406d ago
Damn that's scary!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   406d ago
This is just the beginning for PS4. You think the games look good now well think again. The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4 will show you what real POWER is.
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microgenius  +   406d ago
So please make your games 60 FPS
mysteryraz11  +   406d ago
thats pretty obvious
uth11  +   406d ago
PS4 will show what the x86 hardware can really accomplish, when not burdened by a bloated OS, half-optimized drivers and hardware fragmentation!
Tedakin  +   406d ago
Then why did they choose to make the game 30fps?
GW212  +   406d ago
C'mon, tiger... you know why.

It's the same reason the XB1 can't match the resolutions or graphical fidelity of the PS4 yet. There are optimizations to be made and that will take some time.
Fluchtpunkt  +   406d ago
Im sorry but you cant ask that question on N4PS4.
Its like u say: f... off god. :)
Tedakin  +   406d ago
I know. What was I thinking. Anyway, what does this article have to do with The Last of Us remastered? I thought all other articles not pertaining to the greatest game ever made, or will ever be made, are banned from this site until further notice.
Kingoftherodeo  +   406d ago
no limits yet all this time and this is all you can come up with?
Destrania  +   406d ago
As far as the 60fps comments from people on here, you have no idea what goes into game development, so please, just be quiet. Just as visuals are a heck of a lot more than resolution, gameplay is a heck of a lot more than fps, just so you know. Obviously Driveclub is pushing the limit in a lot of areas, especially the visuals and attention to detail department, so it's not so easy to just flip a switch and make it 60fps without having to destroy your vision and/or draw back on the other stuff, especially this early into a console lifecycle, when things take time to learn and get used to and optimize. I'm sure they could have Driveclub run 'unlocked' with fluctuating fps, but they decided that for their first outing on PS4 to have a more steady and fluid experience, which I personally would rather have in my game than noticeable changes in fps which can truly and actually affect gameplay more than playing at 30fps. Can't wait to play Driveclub, it looks astonishing, and I can't wait to see what Evolution does next. Incredible.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   406d ago
No offence, but then why not 60fps?

And don't anyone dare tell me cause it's either to early in the console's lifetime or that they don't understand how to 100% optimize games like with the PS3 cause

First of all, they said that the PS4 was easy to develop for, having a very pc like architecture and second, they delayed the game for a year! Optimization should be 110%! Specially cause it's a first party Studio. Why would Sony not provide them with the means to have it optimized?!

I love Evolution Studios, I love Motorstorm and I wanna support them. But I'm having very little hope for this game. Gorgeous as it may be, it just seems like it's going to be very lite on content and features =/
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   406d ago
TheN become adeveloper and make the game better youself
Brettman2008  +   406d ago
If PS4 was 50% more powerful I think there would still be some games that are 30fps. This is a design choice and for some developers graphical fidelity is more important than frame rate. Graphics sells games and static screen shots will obviously look better at the lower frame rate due to increased graphic effects etc.
iceman06  +   406d ago
If you like Motorstorm so much, use THAT as your basis of comparison. Content-wise, it should more than rival that. This isn't and never WAS supposed to rival SIM games. That's Project Cars or Gran Turismo for that experience. It's an arcade racer with tweaked physics.
As for the reasons why it isn't 60 fps, well, it was probably initially a design choice. They knew very well what they were trying to cram into the game, in terms of the graphical fidelity. They didn't want to sacrifice said fidelity for more frames. 60 fps in itself isn't difficult to reach. 60 fps with all of the things that Evolution wants in this game seems to be asking too much at this point in the PS4 life cycle.
Destrania  +   406d ago
Well said.
BitbyDeath  +   406d ago
This isn't even my final form.
hkgamer  +   406d ago
you still have final form and then full power final form, and then final final form.

i hope that was a dbz reference otherwise i just wasted a comment :P
BitbyDeath  +   406d ago
Haha, it was.
So many great lines from that show. XD
CorruptBoyd  +   406d ago
Not even close to what the ps4 is capable of so why didn't they hit 60 fps? Because they had to make a trade off. They say pne thing but their actions contradict it. Lol
hkgamer  +   406d ago
are people annoyed about hearing people talk about maxing out consoles or more potential left in consoles. its all pr bullshit.
Mkai28  +   406d ago
The Game looks beautiful, yet no 60fps. Which is big for a linear racer,Gamers don't want to hear about " Not even close to the limit of what the PS4 can do" after a year delay and still not reaching 60fps. The game was also in development for 4 years.. If you have that power, why not use it? Unless you wait to use it on the next predecessor to assure a graphical upgrade.. To give fans something to look forward to..
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