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"Remember Portal? That small, innocent little puzzle game that was an offshoot of the Half-Life series? That game that became a phenomenon, spawned the “cake is a lie” movement, and is perhaps revered as one of the best puzzle games of all time? Many games since have tried to match up to what Portal accomplished, but few have come close. For Portal, it wasn’t just about the fantastic and ingenious puzzles. It was about the atmosphere, the message in the game, the sinister overarching force, and the psychological ‘why’ behind it all. Portal embodied so much beyond just how to get to your end goal, and The Swapper follows suit with its dark and twisted way of intertwining devious puzzles with an unspoken narrative." - PSLS

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Wedge191486d ago

I didn't expect much going into it, but wow, I ended up blown away.

ftwrthtx1486d ago

Same here. Even the sounds of the game were impressive.

matrixman921486d ago

it has a cool concept, but I found it to become extremely tedious. I got it on PC and uninstalled it after about 2 hours. I was hoping for more of a story, but it doesnt really have any big story elements. It is pretty much the same thing over and over again

matrixman921486d ago

puzzle games have to be tedious? alright man, you said it

Wedge191486d ago

I found the story to be spoken much more in the subtext than screamed in your face, which I appreciated.

Which puzzle games do you find not to be tedious?

matrixman921486d ago

Limbo, Braid, the portal games, Professor Layton games

ThatEnglishDude1486d ago

How are we getting more reviews on The Swapper (as good as it is) and barely anything on New n Tasty? Come on. The Swapper isn't even out yet on PS4.

Wedge191486d ago

The Swapper review embargo just lifted today, so that opens those floodgates. I'm not sure what the story is on New 'n Tasty reviews.

user56695101486d ago

There's a embargo on a game released like a year ago?

Wedge191485d ago

PC version released a month ago. PlayStation version embargo lifted recently and game will release in two weeks.

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