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Submitted by kingtroy 569d ago | news

DriveClub Dev Defends Locked 30FPS Feels Fluid and Responsive, No FPS Drop and Input Latency"

Evolution Studios, developer behind upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive racing title Driveclub argue fans to try of the game at 30FPS before criticising as development team have put it significant effort just to make sure that the game does not suffer FPS drop and input lag. (Driveclub, PS4)

The_Infected  +   569d ago
Can we just accept that it's 30fps by now? The game makes up for it. It looks very good and the weather effects are beyond amazing.
Eonjay  +   569d ago
With frame drops or latency it is worth it considering the graphics its pushing.
Abash  +   569d ago
When people play and experience DriveClub, the only thing that will matter is how much fun it is. Trust me, Im not a racing game die-hard, but Evolution's racers are some of the few that get me hooked.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift was 30fps and it felt damn intense and thrilling with every race. I expect DriveClub to have that same feeling with the sense of speed they know how to capture in their racing game's gameplay
pop_tarts  +   569d ago
@Abash My wife isn't a racing fan either but we played it at E3 this year and she was hooked. Lol I jokingly said, "Does that mean you'll play GT7 with me too?" She basically slapped me with her looks and said don't push your luck. That's what I get for marrying an FPS head =).
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GundalfDeGrej  +   569d ago
People might as well accept that 30 fps will be the norm this gen. Overall graphics quality is more important to most console gamers and developers/game publishers know this.

These articles about frame rate and resolutions are just unnecessary because it's nothing that we can affect. They are just used as fanboy fuel nowadays. If the people who whine in the comment-sections about this stuff REALLY cares about resolutions and frame rates - maybe it's time to get a PC?
Revolver_X_  +   569d ago

I agree with your PC comment, as I game on PC, PS4, and Wii U currently. Im no graphics whore, but last I checked 1080p 60fps is the norm on PS4. I suspect as console potentials are realized 1080/60 will be norm on X1. I hope at least. Wishing ill will on any gamers experience is ignorant.
GundalfDeGrej  +   569d ago
It was more of a response to The_Infected. If we excuse Driveclub because the game looks good then what hope do we have for the future when developers are forced to outdo themselves again?

And as much as I hate to sound like NextLevel, most of the 60 fps games in that list are cross-gen. When last-gen is abandoned and developers try to push graphics as much as they can, chances are they'll abandon 60 fps for the sake of prettier screenshots on the game cover.
Clogmaster  +   569d ago
Going from 60fps to 30fps is quite jarring initially. But after playing for 5 minutes of 30fps, you kind of get used to it.

I would still like it if there was a 60fps option.
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aragon  +   569d ago
the game looks really awesome and i cant wait to play it on surround sound i need a ps4,, but with that said sony contradicts their studios look at shu last week saying can i say 60 fps, remember that or the naughty dog devs talking about 60 fps being a must and how important it is, evolution has made a good looking game very good looking game with lots of details and when it releases i have no doubt it will be the best looking game on the ps4, but we need to stop dwelling on 60 fps as if consoles are master race PCs
gapecanpie  +   568d ago
Because the ps4 can't unless they downgrade it.
XiSasukeUchiha   569d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Destrania  +   569d ago
I know Driveclub is going to be incredible, 30fps has never been an issue for me in any game (Destiny included) if there's no noticible drops or input lag. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
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user7402931  +   569d ago
man I'm perfectly content with 30fps because this game looks absolutely stunning. uncharted 4 and drive club and the order are THE next gen games that like it.

@dread as a sony fan I'm very happy with 30fps with this game, i would rather have that then 15-20 fps from a roman hack and slash game.

@ghostnappa, yes i am aware
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Ghost_Nappa  +   569d ago
You do realize Uncharted 4 is 1080p60fps right?
lsujester  +   569d ago
It's what they're aiming for. I have faith it will be, but don't jump the gun.
Christopher  +   569d ago
Yeah, they say they are aiming for it. But, I'm not sure they'll get it in either SP or MP without taking a lot from elsewhere. I'll be glad to be proven wrong, because then I can begin questioning why other, lesser looking games can't do what ND is able to do.
PlayableGamez   569d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Dread   569d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
trickman888  +   569d ago
Too bad that 60FPS is factually better and is even more fluid and responsive.
Epic-gamerz   569d ago | Spam
Qrphe  +   569d ago
Too bad 144hz is EVEN better and more responsive

But your point is?
Imalwaysright  +   569d ago
Is that supposed to change the fact that 60fps is better than 30fps?
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legionsoup  +   569d ago
60FPS really only matters in first person shooters. That's the only place I've really felt it made a difference in terms of actual gameplay.

But honestly, we REALLY only notice the frame rate when it dips below 30 (and gets closer to 20 or less).
legionsoup  +   569d ago
I don't mind if you disagree with me, but I'd like to see a solid argument for why...or is that too much to ask? lol
nategrigs  +   569d ago
I'm guessing people disagree with your assertion that 60 fps only matters in first person shooters. It could also have something to do with the fact that plenty of people notice a difference between 30 and 60.
legionsoup  +   569d ago
From my experience, 60fps is a lot like a 3D movie. You notice the 3D for the first 5 minutes, or whenever there's a lull in action, but when things are happening, you don't really notice it.

You DO notice when the FPS drops to a lower rate, however. That's all I'm saying. People can agree, disagree, etc. I'm not pro Sony, pro Xbox, pro Nintendo. It's just an observation I've made about 30 fps.

First person shooters require an accuracy that other titles don't necessarily need, based on pixels and where your targets line up. 60fps definitely helps this. I don't believe that racing, fighting, and other genres, benefit as highly as fps's do. Just my opinion.
trickman888  +   569d ago
"We". You mean yourself.
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user5669510  +   569d ago
It went from twitch shooters, racing, fighting is good for 60fps. To uc4 yeah all games should be 60fps. To only shooters should be. This is why we say PS fanboys are walking contradictions . They just Dont say OK and be quiet, they digg themselves deeper by bashing everything that's not pro sony.
skoorydook  +   569d ago
Are you seriously saying only one set of fanboys constantly contradict themselves.
Blaze929  +   569d ago
"Give me 60fps or give me death." ~Shahid Kamal Ahmad

is he still alive?
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Why o why  +   569d ago
Lol.....more foot in mouth

Pity they couldn't make it happen. I thought that was one of the reasons for the delay. Ill still be buying this. Is there an in between fps like 45fps.......honest question
Christopher  +   569d ago
No, my understanding is locked 30fps.

And, it's also my understanding that the 30fps was decided a long time ago and they were working on the graphical improvements originally promised (remember, the one managing producer was let go because of the issues with Driveclub) as well as the community elements which were barely even implemented last year.
Father__Merrin   569d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
claudionmc  +   569d ago
not first person shooter = 30fps is fine for me... 60fps IS more fluid, obviously, but I've always played racing games in PC at 27-30fps and the responsiveness is great anyway =)
GamingSinceThe80s  +   569d ago
I think I remember reading they were shooting for 60 fps last year.I wonder what happened?But I also remember when they said we would be getting this game free with PS Plus at launch.Now it's six tracks on one course.Which to me sounds like a paid demo.
WeAreLegion  +   569d ago
They never said it would be free. They said a PS Plus version would be available at launch, but never specified what that entailed.
Spotie  +   569d ago
What happened to 60fps? They dropped that idea for improved graphical effects. You know, that thing devs DJ because power is limited on all platforms.

Not only does your knowledge about gaming apparently suck, but your memory isn't so hot, either, with that "remembering" Drive Club being free.

I'm also not too sure on your logic, with how multiple track configurations is evidence of a paid demo.

On topic, as long as the game us a solid thirty, it will be fine. Anybody who thinks a game in ANY genre MUST be at any framerate is stupid, end of. (Of course, this is assuming a minimum stable framerate of 30fps.) The game just needs to be good, and I don't see any reason why Drive Club won't be at least good.
Jag-T1000  +   569d ago
This is a PS4 game. Anything below 60fps is unacceptable!
gobluesamg  +   569d ago
Well if you have a PS4 then sell it. It's not good enough for you.
Mattz  +   569d ago
For a free to play/linear track based game with a very small amount of cars.. should be 60fps locked.

Whoever mentioned Foorza Horizon up there.. FH2 is an open world game so no chance of 60fps but Driveclub has no excuse
WeAreLegion  +   569d ago
Driveclub's "excuse" is that it's the best looking racer ever made.
gapecanpie  +   568d ago
Actually project cars is in my eyes. I love when people try to pass opinions as facts.
Christopher  +   569d ago
Driveclub has the exact same excuse as Forza Horizons 2 -- they're both limited due to their hardware. In the PC landscape, both games should run at 60 fps with better graphics and performance. But, consoles are not PCs and there are limitations.

You could not take Driveclub as it is, put it on the XBO and have it run at 60fps.

So, this isn't a case of one console being more superior than the other, it's a case of plain ole hardware limitations.

Don't like it? Buy a gaming PC.

If you're like me, though, you're not going to hold every game out there to a specific requirement on resolution and fps performance. You'll accept games 20 years ago were great with 1/8 the resolution. The same is true of games now who are only able to meet certain things and not everything people desire.
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colonel179  +   569d ago
Am I the only one in the world that cannot see the difference at all, never? I've seen so many comparison videos for so many things and I have never been able to notice the difference.

Maybe something is wrong with me, but at least I am out of these complaints by default.
Artista  +   569d ago
you're not the only one... I can't see the things that people moan about majority of the time.. and the ones that I do see (when I focus) don't bother me. . .

for example, I cannot tell the difference between 30 frames and (60) above. I'm being sincere.
nategrigs  +   569d ago
There are plenty of people that can't tell. What size TV are you playing on?

This site has some comparisons:

They're pretty small, but I still notice a difference.

Edit at @ below. The right clip is much smoother to me. I guess its good news if you can't notice a difference. Just hope that devs don't prioritize fps
#14.2 (Edited 569d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
colonel179  +   569d ago
I play in a 55 inch TV

i really can't see any difference in the videos of the site you mentioned. I just don't know what to look for.
#14.2.1 (Edited 569d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
calvincrack  +   569d ago
Depends if those comparison videos are 60fps. If they're in youtube then they are not and you wont see the difference.

Nintendo works hard to release its flagship titles at 60fps (even mario galaxy on wii) and they are more known for gameplay than graphics.
Christopher  +   569d ago
They're mp4 videos with their own specified fps.
GundalfDeGrej  +   569d ago
It has a lot to do with controller responsiveness as well. If you can't see it then chances are you can at least feel it when you play.
uth11  +   569d ago
no it's not just you. They make the biggest deal over the smallest of differences that most people can't see
AgentSmithPS4  +   569d ago
You can download part of it free, right? If you don't like it at 30fps just delete it, it sucks to have one less game but give it a chance at least. There's always something to complain about but you'll enjoy yourself more if you don't need so much 'perfection'.
Christopher  +   569d ago
If you're a PS+ subscriber, yes.
CloudRap   569d ago | Off topic | show
andydalum  +   569d ago
Ok so i have a legit question why the hell does it matter what the resolution and FPS are if it's fun to play ?. I own a xbox one only since that's my preferred console of choice but i don't get all the back and fourth on this site, i didn't play 100's of hours of super smash bros because it was beautiful to look at, I didn't play need for speed underground 2 for over a 1000+ hours because of it was amazing i loved tricking out any car to the point where it was stupid. My point is while i am a avid fan of the xbox consoles i've owned all three i must say good for sony IF this game is fun. I prefer open world so Forza horizon 2 is the game for me but to each there own.
calvincrack   569d ago | Not a reply | show | Replies(1)
uth11  +   569d ago
I agree with the developers. TRY the game to see if it's fun. Don't just dismiss it because of its fps numbers. That's stupid
Tibbers  +   569d ago
What type of magic are they using to remove input lag from a vsynced 30fps game?
iamgoatman  +   569d ago
PR magic.
Lord-Nicon  +   569d ago
Sony said 60 fps was the future and now 30 fps is ok, that's it, im selling my PS4, smoke machine.
BABY-JEDI  +   569d ago
I'm looking forward to playing this. If the controls handle as well as the visuals, weather, lighting & sound then us gamers are in for an amazing experience.
Ninver  +   569d ago
Man release the game already. I really dislike delays.

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