Alien Isolation vs The Evil Within - who's ahead in Survival Horror hype

Rice Digital compares growing interest in the two torch-bearers for the return of true survival horror.

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user74029311369d ago

this has me interested in alien isolation now since i know about the evil within and its survival horror, awesome there going in that direction, in my opinion when it comes to horror outer space is terrifying because its in a abyss, so from the environment i would give it isolation (not yet) of course but most likely as dead space's environment was insane. and i can see alien isolation resembling it a bit.

Rikitatsu1369d ago

I'm honestly a little fed up with horror games where all you do is run away and hide, I really liked Penumbra and Amnesia, but then the market (especially the indie scene) was saturated with those kinds of games.

The Evil Within looks like to be a return to classic Survival Horror where combat is a key component to the gameplay, which is a lot more fun to me to be honest.

Then again, Alien Isolation seems to have a combat system of it's own, but the developers seem to avoid talking too much about it, I hope it's fleshed out.

vishmarx1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

there is nothing i would like more than both these games to be great.but isolation doesnt look like something id play for more than 2 hours.
even outlast got boring for me after some time.
games need gameplay and thats that ,also id rather trust the dev of RE4 than an alien game dev

IanVanCheese1369d ago

Alien Isolation by a country mile. The Evil Within doesn't look that scary, just gory.

Patashnik1369d ago

As much as I'd like to see Mikami come good with Evil Within my heart is leaning towards Alien Isolation. SOMEONE has to make a decent Alien game, surely!

DaveyB1369d ago

I'll be going for Evil Within over Alien Isolation. Thing is though, you neverreally know what Mikami's involvement is going to be. All too often, I've seen him used a s a figure head - 'oooooh, Mikami's involved, it must be good' - only to get burned.

Hated Shadows of the Damned.

Dark111369d ago

To be fair he only worked on the gameplay , everything else was suda51 call.

Rikitatsu1369d ago

Actually, he just went to the studio to give tips now and then. He was barely involved in Shadows of the Damned.

And I love SotD, by the way.

Patashnik1369d ago

This is precisely why I'm going for Alien Isolation.

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The story is too old to be commented.