Japanese singer GACKT takes on Air Man from Megaman 2...and fails miserably

Very little has changed in this episode of Gackt Plays Video Games. The Japanese singer still sucks at gaming. Today he continues his playthrough of Megaman 2 and gets to confront Air Man...for about two seconds.

You can almost pinpoint the exact moment where GACKT starts to lose all hope and realizes that no amount of sponsorship money is worth putting himself through such torture.

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Giru0171425d ago

Well, in all fairness, that stage is quite hard and on top he got the terrible tip to use Metal Blade when the super effective weapon is Leaf Shield (which he didn't have).
To this day, Air Man is one of the harder Mega Man bosses with tight jumps and odd patterns, Gackt did quite well all things considered.

TheROsingleB1425d ago

5 Continues though? That's very poor performance, even for Air Man's stage.

j0ncap1251424d ago

It's incredibly refreshing to see Gackt in this sort of light.