Evolution Studios 'not ashamed' they couldn't make 'DRIVECLUB' a PS4 launch game

DRIVECLUB Game Director Paul Rustchynsky talked a bit about the game's delay last year and how it just wasn't ready to be released.

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user74029311184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

don't be, its the greatest looking driving game ever made. all of that effort you put into it and the delays are well worth it you awesome mofoz

afterMoth1184d ago

They made the right choice to continue working on the game. From what they have shown so far there is nothing out there that looks close to the experience Driveclub will bring.

amiga-man1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

To me they deserve credit, they wanted to create the best game they could for gamers and didn't want to compromise that to hit a deadline.

From what I have seen the wait will be worth it gamers have a great game to look forward to and evolution studios will have earned a well deserved pat on the back.

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Boody-Bandit1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Why would they be ashamed? I'd rather wait and have the best game the developer could put together instead of rushing a not ready for prime time game rushed out the door to hit a date on the calendar. That has already happened enough this new generation.

So I will pull out my soap box, climb aboard and APPLAUD Evolution for shooting for quality over stat stuffing.

Drive Club looks staggering and most that I know that played it at E3 2014 said it handles exceptionally well. I'm really looking forward to this title.

Dudebro901184d ago

Greatest looking driving game ever....

It looks good, but you are drunk if you think its the best looking ever.

funkybudda1184d ago

It's called an opinion, just like an asshole, everyone's got one.

SG1_dapunisherX1184d ago

the best racer game ever made is either fm3, gt3 and nfs mw

Bonkerz1184d ago

You are really growing to be the biggest Sony fanboy on these forums. You are literally on every PS4 post applauding them, and on every X1 post making negative comments. Goodjob sir, you have taken fanboyism to another level.

SPARTAN31184d ago

Dirty Pimp you so crazy best looking car game on ps4 and x1 bec project cars on PC

ATi_Elite1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I like that they took their time making driveclub instead of rushing it out the door full of bugs like say ummm BF4.

But as some other smart person on this thread mentioned......Driveclub is NOT doing anything revolutionary but if it is please let me know.

Dynamic lighting and day night cycle and weather, ok none of that is new as these features were always apart of Le Mans mode in many racers and every off road racer has these features.

So please can someone tell me whats so revolutionary about DC cause right now its your everyday racer but with better graphics.

Be nice if for once someone had a legit answer instead of rage or childish comments

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Abash1184d ago

The game looks even more awesome than it did a year ago, so it was well worth it taking extra time to reach this quality

typittt691184d ago

Nothing to be ashamed of. They better deliver though.

Doritos_Pope1184d ago

The game looks amazing. . .
they sold me on it in Feb last year, but with just 50 cars, no ability to tune them and such a massive delay, it went from Day 1 must buy to wait and see for me. . Dissapointed they ditched the idea oi opening doors, examining the engine bay and various parts of the car etc.

RichardDawkins1184d ago

Definitely 10x better than what was shown a year ago. Hat's off to Evolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.