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jamilion3788d ago

This is the best sports franchise they have now. Nice to see the game i love is also a great video game. Turn around really started when they allowed people who know hockey to develop the game (EA Studio in Canada)

FCOLitsjustagame3788d ago

I think this is the year. I think this year I finally start getting my sports games again. NHL09, NCAA09, Tiger Woods and maybe a tennis game. I still havent seen a baseball game worth it and I wont touch Madden for a while due to not only being annoyed at EA but the useless spoiled brats that are the NFL players....and now the owners have bailed on the CBA its going to turn into baseball with the big money boys winning (as if its not now). I am done with it for now and will watch college, maybe try some of these new pro leagues that are showing up.....something.

Hockey though, this is one of my favorite sports but I can barely watch a game due to my cable not having Versus. So I need this game to get my fix and play out a winner besides the Redwings.

ELite_Ghost3788d ago

looks the same as 08, they should make these every 2 years...