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Project CARS to Feature at Sony Booth at Gamescom

VRFocus - Videogame publisher Bandai Namco has today confirmed its line-up for the upcoming Gamescom 2014 event in Cologne, Germany on 13th - 17th August. While the companies line-up includes the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Rise of Incarnates, it revealed that Project CARS, the virtual reality (VR) racing title from Slightly Mad Studios that it is distributing will in fact be on display at Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) booth. (Oculus Rift, PC, Project CARS, Project Morpheus, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

ZodTheRipper  +   249d ago
Shouldn't they promote Driveclub instead?
imt558  +   249d ago
Driveclub will be there :



Quote :

"...I don't understand this move by Sony, why bring in another racer to compete with driveclub...."

To bad that PCARS and The Crew also coming to Xbone. Do you want more games on Xbone or what? I mean, why bring another racing games on Xbone to compete with Forza Horizon 2. That's so stupid, you know. Better to have only Forza franchise on Xbone.
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sprinterboy  +   249d ago
1 is arcadey while the other is a sim, both can compete as gamers like 1 over the other or both, me personally am buying both, project cars will tie me over until gt7 while driveclub will bring my competitive side into play
stripe814  +   249d ago
drive club will be different to what Project Cars is aiming.will be nice if we have both worlds..
ATi_Elite  +   249d ago
Drive Club - arcade gameplay

Project Cars - Simulation and a realistic racing

Flip your car in DC no damage and you keep driving like nothing happened while in PC you sustain damage that affects your cars performance and thats a huge gameplay difference.
truefan1  +   249d ago
I don't understand this move by Sony, why bring in another racer to compete with driveclub. Imagine that there is a line for project cars and no one waiting to play driveclub, that is a bad look. Or people talking amongst themselves comparing the two and then saying project cars is better. Personally I don't think sony really cares very much about driveclub for 3 reasons: 1)They didn't show it off on the big stage at E3. 2)They hardly ever mention it when talking about ps4 games this fall. 3)They allow a direct competitor to be shown at its booth at Gamescom.
HaveAsandwich  +   249d ago
the more the merrier.
Insomnia_84  +   249d ago
Your comments remind me of that movie Dumb and Dumber.
iceman06  +   248d ago
Have you figured out which is which though!?!? LOL
Utalkin2me  +   249d ago
When i read your comment, all i heard was "boohoo and boohoo".
Kratosthegr8  +   249d ago
Are you on some cheap crack or something? Trust me sony cares about DC otherwsie they wouldn't have delayed it. They knew full and well that would get backlash from gamers but they did it anyway. They didn't wanna rush a shitty copy out with have the shit they promised not available at release. I guess if PCars were to be at MS's booth you'd be singing a completely different tune. I think you need to check into rehab my friend. You clearly not thinking straight. That cheap crack eating away at the last bit of grey matter you have left between your ears.
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DirtyPimp  +   249d ago
or if people see drive club and the project cars booths are empty, or if you hear people talking about howe drive club is better.

imo both are going to do great, there both awesome, i like drive club better though. it is imo the best looking racing game on any console, and the best racer besides gran truism on consoles.
HeWhoWalks  +   249d ago
You have no need to understand it - you're neither a PlayStation fan nor PS4 owner.

OT: Both this and DRIVECLUB are my big holiday racers! I generally buy a racer at the end of each year, but this will make two (although, I already have the beta version of PCARS on PC). Fantastic game, even unfinished!
ziggurcat  +   249d ago

1. They showed enough of driveclub off at last year's E3.
2. I haven't seen MS mention any of their games coming this fall since E3.
3. PC is a 3rd party title, it's coming out for their system, so it's not a "competitor." Are you going to say the same thing when you find out that PC is also going to be shown at a MS booth, too? Of course not, you're going to move the goalpost and say something opposite to what you've said here.

Edit: it's also funny seeing you say you don't understand this "move" by Sony (not that you would ever admit to understanding anything Sony does) when you vehemently defend a company who has changed their mind on virtually every single decision they've made since the announcement of the xbone.
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MegaRay  +   249d ago
You need to watch their conference to understand. Which will never happens
Yaay4me  +   248d ago
because its good to have options. yeah?
sizeofyou  +   249d ago
The games are different racers and Sony get a cut from both anyway (although admittedly a bigger one from Driveclub). Promoting diversity is great. As it happens, I'm in for both anyway - unless one or both disappoint...
sigfredod  +   249d ago
ps4 once again the console choosen to show the game first, that number one spot
FlameWater  +   249d ago
Guess you gotta show at least one 60fps racer...*troll*
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2cents  +   249d ago
Oh Nice!!!

Cant wait to see it in action so close to completion.
juaburg91  +   249d ago
Dafuq... Would have likeddd to see PCars at a Nintendo booth. But hey, that sh!t aint popping. Lol.

Buuuut, atleast people will have the chance to get some hands on time with it(thumbs up). And hopefully we get some nice previews/impression videos.
captain_slow82  +   249d ago
all the gamers from around the world helping to make project cars the game it will be has me excited :D
Yaay4me  +   248d ago
and please Drive Club get here already.

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