The Year’s Best Multiplayer Shooter Is a Mod for the 10-Year-Old Counter-Strike

Titanfall who? The best multiplayer shooter of the year so far is a mod for a 10-year-old game, and it’s free. The game is called NeoTokyo, a cyberpunk tactical multiplayer shooter that feels a lot like Ghost in the Shell crossed with Counter-Strike.

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Am_Ryder1428d ago

NeoTokyo's real good, but it's been around for a loooong time already. It's not exactly new. Unless there's a new version or update or something?

HighResHero1428d ago

I wasn't really familiar with this game, but I am a CS fan so I will check it out. It says it didn't OFFICIALLY launch until July 4th.

Kinger89381427d ago

looks good! found it on steam so downloading now! played hidden source recently and thats really good at a LAN

hkgamer1427d ago

as the article says, it has been made into a standalone and available on steam.

hkgamer1427d ago

looks cool, hope they branch out to consoles.