Dragon Quest X Gets An All-In-One Package For Wii, Wii U, And PC Versions

Square Enix have announced a new all-in-one package for the game’s PC and home console releases.

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N4g_null1334d ago

Oh wow... pc and wiiu version wow! This is a serious deal.

3-4-51333d ago

This game looks awesome.

Can't wait to see what the next normal Dragon Quest game looks like.

Tzuno1332d ago

OMG gosebumps right now i am in heaven PC jrpg and dragon quest wo hoooooooo.

DryBoneKoopa851333d ago

I wish Square would announce a western release.

For those that this benefits this is a pretty good deal.

MrSwankSinatra1333d ago

We can't even get the remake of Dragon Quest VII on the 3DS localized so i doubt we will be getting Dragon Quest X.

Blasphemy1333d ago

I to this day do not understand why they went with the Wii for this game.

KonsoruMasuta1333d ago

Everybody and their cat owns a Wii.

contradictory1333d ago

the fleas on that cat own a Wii

N4g_null1333d ago

Did you know sony sold their stock in square? Maybe nintendo should buy in?

Fullmetalevolust1333d ago

I want it on my WiiU, which prompts you SE to release it to the West! Do it SE...and some things will be forgiven...'til it comes here then I'll still be mad as hell! lol

Geekman1333d ago

I LOVED DQ9. My favorite DS game. Liked it even more than Pokemon. You have no idea how much I want a western release.

contradictory1333d ago

yeah, DQ IX was awesome!
but i still preferred VIII which was also awesome.

the point is, DQ is awesome series.
just wish we'd get VII for 3DS too
i'm not too interested in X since it's an MMORPG and that's not my cup of tea i'm afraid...

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