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Driveclub Gameplay Feels Brilliant, Says Dev; No Plans For Project Morpheus

Driveclub's Game Director thinks that the game feels brilliant to play thanks to the balance between accessiblity and depth.

He also added that there's no plan to make it compatible with Project Morpheus. (Driveclub, Paul Rustchynsky, Project Morpheus, PS4)

LavaLampGoo  +   62d ago
I mean, I get that everyone is a bit obsessed with Oculus and Morpheus at the minute, but that doesn't mean every game needs it included. Lets not do a Kinect with them please.
Imp0ssibl3  +   62d ago
That's for sure. Racing games are a potentially good fit though, which is probably why people wondered if they would use Morpheus with Driveclub.
Septic  +   62d ago
If it were me I would make it so that it was cockpit only, more simulation based and support Morpheus. The visuals look great in this and can you imagine playing this in VR with super realistic physics etc?
jaseo  +   62d ago
Project Morpheus compatibility really requires at least 60fps.
Imp0ssibl3  +   62d ago
That's true as well, although I figure they could drop details in order to reach 60FPS in the potential VR version.
Skate-AK  +   62d ago
60fps would cause too many variables against clubs not using VR and running 30fps.
Bennibop  +   62d ago
Am so hyped for this game!
2cents  +   62d ago
I'll reserve my judgment till I have played it myself
Volkama  +   62d ago
What? Why? The game director just told you it is brilliant. Who else is better placed to give a fair assessment?
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2cents  +   62d ago
And if it sucked, when compared with the crew, project cars and horizon 2, would the game director come out and say that?

That's what I'm interested in. I don't have the time to purchase and play all of them so I want to spend my hard earned cash and precious time on the best of the bunch.

Its about the graphics, AI, customization, atmosphere, Online integration and overall driving experience. There are many tick boxes in my list of wants. At the moment I'm not sure if driveclub will reach them all, which is how I also feel about the other three I mentioned.

Vids look great on all 4 games, but to they have lasting appeal. That is the million dollar question.
Shakengandulf  +   62d ago
You're kidding Volkama, hes going to form an opinion based off someone else's opinion.
He said hes going to play it, let him form his own judgement. FFS.
Volkama  +   62d ago
Yes of course I am kidding. He is the game director, obviously he is going to say the game is brilliant.

There is only one opinion that counts when you are forming an opinion of any game. And that is mine. I will let you know if you like the game or not just as soon as I have decided for you. M'kay?
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Consoleslateagain  +   62d ago
he was being sarcastic. a lot of gamers on here do believe what ever certain devs (you know which ones, who he work for) say.
2cents  +   62d ago

oasdada  +   62d ago
Not into racers... but this game makes me wanna get it day 1
Aurenar  +   62d ago
Project Morpheus is like Kinect: useless.
Skate-AK  +   62d ago
What conference did you try it at?
kevinsheeks  +   62d ago
What did you expect?

Sony doesn't make crap and when they come they come hard I'll give them that.

Even with all the talks of not enough new games, I know how sony is once they get started they don't stop. Towards the end of the PlayStation 3 life cycle "which hasn't really ended" they started churning out more and more quality.

That's my main reason for sticking with them, I know their end goal is money but at least they don't go out their way to smack their fan-base in the face.

Sony could have easily hopped on the drm band-wagon but it forced the publishers to own up to it.

now this gen ahead of us will depend on how us gamers respond to tactics from publishers it falls on us once again to approve and disapprove of wrong and right conduct within the industry.

I'm going to stop there cause its raining and im tired :P
Skankinruby  +   62d ago
This is shaping up to be one of the better racers out there. If I trust any company to make a decent racing game its evolution. I can't stand SIM racers, this one just looks perfect
FayZ_  +   62d ago
OMG VR in driveclub would be awesome... though it would probably be better at 60fps
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