Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer reveal imminent

MLG have recently announced that Sledgehammer Games will be debuting their multiplayer of Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare to the public at Gamescom this year. We take a look at the latest news as well as cover when we can expect to see the first reveal trailer for the highly anticipated first person shooter.

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DesVader1367d ago

I would expect to see the gameplay at Gamescom - given that the event is quite close to actual release date, Activision always has a "trial play" section for gamers to experience the upcoming release hands-on. No suprise there.

Mikey322301367d ago

I actually have some high hopes for this game. The branded Advanced Warfare. I can only hope that they apply this through to the game where they are kind of starting over again with modern warfare roots, yet new and improved for next gen.

HoldenZA1367d ago

I think we are still yet to see the scale of the change. I think the multiplayer reveal will show how vastly different it is/isn't from previous COD titles.

TekoIie1366d ago


I agree that we really don't have much to go on but there are some mechanics in there which could result in a good COD game.

I remember seeing a side dash like in Hawken and Titanfall which would be an interesting mechanic in COD. So fingers crossed that we see something interesting.

Palitera1366d ago

Lol at you guys. Do you fall for this every year or is it just because a new gen started that you're thinking statues can move now?

Well, guess what. It's a reverse living statue. It only moves if people doesn't pay.
And right now, it is being paid loads of money to stand perfectly still.

Wake up, dudes.

DivineCrusader1367d ago

Advanced Warfare sure seems good so far. Hopefully the multiplayer will be more akin to Black Ops 2 than Ghosts.

HoldenZA1367d ago

The multiplayer reveal for Black Ops 2 was awesome. They showed the pic 10 system as well as the new shoutcasting mode. I hope that AW does the same thing, in terms of innovation.

DesVader1367d ago

Thank goodness for that!

Matt6661366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

No it doesn't the story line still looks linear and I noticed the only time you could see your legs or body was during the cut scenes, you thought you would be able to see them during gameplay too (since it suppose to be a "next-gen" game. The MP is probably going to end up a broken mess again, with at least 60% of the weapons being in impervious COD MP's.
I will not buy this game at full price, if anything just seems like an add-on for BO2. I feel sorry for people who don't realize by now, it the same game every single year.

Matt6661366d ago

and if your going to disagree with me at least make a valid point

Randostar1366d ago

BO2 was fun, but it just got boring soooo fast.
They really need to work on map layout for MP, COD always has like 3 completely pre-determined routes in maps. I just want more variety and openness, not bigger shittyer levels like in Ghosts.

DivineCrusader1366d ago

Agreed, and I want more color as well. Almost all of the maps in Ghosts were grey and bland, and it lacked the variety in weapons and scorestreaks featured in Black Ops 2. Overall, it just got old really quick.

I realize it's kind of ironic to ask for a colorful Call of Duty, but I think Black Ops 2 is the most visually appealing game in the franchise. More variety in terms of visuals and gameplay would benefit Advanced Warfare big time.

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Edvin19841367d ago

Not going to lie rather excited for this one lol...

Palitera1366d ago

Then I'll follow you to see the tears on release date.

Edvin19841366d ago

By all means doubt ill be upset like that its just a video game.

Sillicur1367d ago

Exciting times for COD fans!

Agent_hitman1367d ago

Acti named this as Advanced warfare cause the Modern Warfare series was a success. they're hoping that COD fans will be back and support this game because it has warfare in its name... Hopefully Sledgehammer will reach its expectation.. I will keep an eye on this

HoldenZA1367d ago

I think it mostly has to do with the involvement of Sledgehammer Games in the Advanced Warfare series rather than based off of its success alone.

Sledgehammer played a big role in MW3 and now with their own title they are showing how they are familiar but also unique in their name. Quite a smart one in my opinion.

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