Battlefield Hardline Delayed, Should We Trust EA?

Gastón, from Twinfinite, shares his opinion on the delay for this release date and what it means for fans.

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johndoe112111403d ago

Doesn't matter what the hell they do, NEVER trust EA.

WilliamUsher1403d ago

That about sums it up.

So long as shareholders are in charge, video game quality is not the top priority for them.

JeffGUNZ1403d ago

They needed more time to add more bugs.

johndoe112111403d ago

I'm thinking they needed the time to decide which content to remove and add later as DLC.

DrRobotnik1403d ago

They removed the guns to be released as Holiday DLC. Hand to Hand combat has been confirmed for launch.

johndoe112111403d ago



dericb111403d ago


Dude I fell out the chair laughing at that one lol

JeffGUNZ1402d ago

Thanks man, glad I could add some laughter to your day! Bubbles up brother!

SG1_dapunisherX1403d ago

time to add more bugs & wack dull story for our loyal fans

IrishSt0ner1403d ago

Might actually buy this game now.

Yes, EA are just about the worst company, although giving another 3-6 months development is generally a good sign.

That is unless it's financially driven, e.g. avoiding the vast number of titles this fall/holiday.

04soldier1403d ago

I Wasn't too pleased that they were gonna release this game so soon after bf4. And I really felt this would be a expansion pack if it was released back in the days of BF1942 or BF2.

It didnt merit a $60 price tag. I might consider getting it now next year if they put some time and effort into the game.

AgentSmithPS41403d ago

"Should We Trust EA?"

LOL. It's a bad sign when that question can cause a laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.