Has Battlefield been moved to a 3-year dev cycle?

Future Battlefield games could be developed on a 3-year development cycle, EA has suggested, moving away from the 18-month to 2-year cycles seen with previous Battlefield titles.

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AgentSmithPS41186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

How 'bout a "when it's done" cycle. Quit being cheap with your servers, pretend you care and fix bugs faster, etc...

Thought I should add this ;).

BlackWolf121186d ago

Everything needs a deadline.

You know what happens when you take a "when it's done" approach, you end up with a development time like DNF or Final Fantasy XV.

You design your game, work out how long it will take to achieve that and work to that deadline.

Developers, or in fact any kind of creator, is ALWAYS wanting to add more to their creation, no matter what, they can ALWAYS see things they could have added. There has to be a limit.

PR_FROM_OHIO1186d ago

Anybody else think BF Hardline will get canned?? It just seems that the game had little interest from most people and the pre orders were really low. Maybe EA realized that is was going to fail big time and just said it was delayed just to see if interest will pick up??

ScottyHoss1186d ago

I think they went a little too far with it to can it, they might just make a new IP from Visceral about police and switch BF to a 2 year dev cycle where they would stick with dice

3-4-51186d ago

Yea....I think they know it too, hence the delay.

Not only is the game not even close to done or bug free, it's not even fun or worth purchasing.

It's about 50% the game BF4 is, and BF4 is a solid game.

* They NEED to focus on Star Wars Battlefront & Battlefield 5 ONLY for the time being.

Psychotica1186d ago

I would rather it go to a 5 year cycle like the GTA series..

BlackWolf121186d ago

So you only want one Battlefield game per console cycle?

Pretty sure you can't say that GTA is on a 5 year cycle.

Psychotica1186d ago

Well GTA 4 came out in 2008 and GTA 5 came out last year

vicristion1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Too long to wait. Prefer Assassins Creed franchise, which occurs every year and I discover new things every year.

gtxgamer21186d ago

How bout we get battlefield 2143

dcj05241186d ago

This, so tired of modern shooters. Sci-fi or GTFO.

BlackWolf121186d ago

COD Advanced Warfare?

RegorL1186d ago

THAT would be a long delay... :)

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