July Game Informer review scores

MGS 4 - 10, 9.75
Battlefield: Bad Company - 9.25, 9.25
Civ Revolution - 9, 9.25
Hellboy: Science of Evil - 7, 6.75
Iron Man - 3.75, 4.25
Grid - 9, 9.25
Lego Indy - 7, 7
Nascar 09 - 8, 8
Quake Wars - 8, 7.25
Ninja Gaiden 2 - 8.75, 8.5
Mass Effect - 9.5, 9.75
Haze - 6.25, 5.75
Boom Blox - 8.5, 8
We Love Golf - 6, 6.25
Blast Works - 8, 8.25
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - 8.75, 9.25
Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 - 8, 8
Secret Agent Clank - 8.5, 8.5

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v1c1ous3841d ago

Game informer gave Haze 6.5?

but game informer's scores are relative to the amount of signs and announcements and advertising on gamestop stores D:

Fat Bastard3841d ago

Funny how they give a crappy year old game like Quake Wars a higher score than Haze, cause there's no way that's true. But MGS4 is way deserving of that 10 :) Xbots can suck it

Kleptic3841d ago

nice to see Battlefield: BC getting high scores as well...the demo is a lot of fun...

most XBL users claimed the beta sucked...and I know the destructability is slightly lame at times...which pretty much removed it from my radar...but the demo shows that the game has a lot of promise for great online nearly every Battlefield game has done in the past...

and yeah...MGS4 will be on for the record books...

sonarus3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Another excellent score for MGS4

Mr_President_3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

follow that link if you want the BRAND NEW INFAMOUS INFO!!! that was also in this GI issue

OP 1st paragraph

MisfitSmurf3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

dont get why its the july issue when where in june >.>

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resistance1003841d ago

Great scores for MGS4 but

Battlefield: Bad Company - 9.25, 9.25
Civ Revolution - 9, 9.25

Dam thats good scores

sonarus3841d ago

Agreed...June is a great month for gamers:D

chaosatom3333841d ago

Infamous is going to be awesome. can't wait for E3.

Panthers3841d ago

Revolution has multiplayer. This might be fun.

Tetsuryu3841d ago

I definitely agree. Summer is typical known as the slow time (drought) of the year for quality titles. I personally couldn't ask for a better time, especially since a lot of us are or will be on summer vacation.

Bob Dole3841d ago

Bob Dole liked the demo of Civ-Rev. The only complaint he has is the people talking like to cover up the text with their hands because they talk with their hands like females. Voiceovers would be nice.

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deeznuts3841d ago

Have not heard good things about Battlefield BC. Might have to keep an eye on it now ...

BulletToothtony3841d ago

i didn't play it that much but some of my friends on psn have been playing the crap out of that demo. i mean a LOT... apparently if you liked the previous battlefields you'll love this one as well

Blackfrican3841d ago

If battlefield was made right, it would be amazing. As it stands, a tempting joke. The concept is spot on, but the execution is disgusting.

Nevers3840d ago

... but not for very long cuz of the whole double exp weekend CoD4. BUT the portion I played, I liked. Those are pretty decent scores for sure. I'll definitely have to check it out a little more in depth. I really liked the destructible environments I played around with... taking that tank and crashing into houses felt pretty sweet. I've heard it has the same or similar MP ranking system as CoD4, which sounds great to me.