5 Next-Gen Sequels That I'd Love to Play

Zero1gaming's JBH looks back at five games that need a next-gen sequel.

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Scrivlar1363d ago

Agree with all of these, Although for me personally I would've liked to have had an impact on the story for L.A Noire, the main example being the murder cases, whichever way you went about your investigations it would always lead you to the killer and you would catch him, it made it feel a bit cheap and pointless, I'd like to be able to not catch him if I don't investigate well enough.

JBH1362d ago

I'd agree with that actually. It did railroad the player a little bit. It also had a couple of really annoying cases where you had to pick from two or three suspects with not much to go on, even though it turned out none of them were guilty. And the real killer turned up on a few of those cases. It should have given the player the opportunity to question him and possibly arrest him earlier, if they were clever enough to suspect him.