AVALANCHE Final Fantasy VII Fan-Game Now Downloadable

SCRAWL: "We've recently come across an interesting game recently made by fans of Final Fantasy VII titled AVALANCHE (who, if you didn't know, where the rebel group in Final Fantasy VII). Now fan-games aren't usually all that great, but this one here is an exception."

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fork_up_your_ass3841d ago

I hate FFVII. Doesnt desrve the the anything#

FFVI is the best

i think sony stole FFVII from nintendo.

Marceles3841d ago

It would've came on the N64 if it supported CDs, and the 64DD got scrapped

Rick Astley3841d ago

Anybody that hates FFVII deserves to be crucified and burned alive.

Panthers3841d ago

FFVII was the first RPG I ever played, and I wish that it wasnt because I have only been disappointed since. Nothing has lived up to it, although I have liked every FF to come out since (except 11 because I ddint play it)

m91058263841d ago

i don't hate VII... but yes, VI is THE BEST EVA~

Shadow Flare3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

^^^ what panthers said

As a side note, i mean i love final fantasy games. But i actually got bored of FFVI. I was told it's brilliant by my best friend and i tried it out, and got pretty far too. But the story just becomes a mess and there are like 3 groups of characters all doing their own thing. I just got fed up of it in the end and just couldn't see what the fuss is about. FFVII for me is the pinnacle and the best rpg i have ever played. No, its the best game i have ever played. Its timeless

ZeroBlitz3840d ago

Sorry but that made no sense.

MADGameR3840d ago

WTF are you high? Final Fantasy VII came out on PS1 you idiot! THINK before you post noobomlet!

Aleusia3840d ago

Go back to /v/ with the rest of the trash, while you have the right to your opinion I have to STRONGLY disagree with it...I know what you're gonna say "lol weeaboo" but you're a moron.

ki03653840d ago

in contrast to some, ffVII is my second most dissappointing FF. I played 8 first

thesummerofgeorge3840d ago

Wow this fork guy isn't looking to make any friends here.... This fan game looks very cool, a little matrixy in the beginning but who am I to nit pick. Maybe square will take this as a hint. Fav. RPG ever...

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Marceles3841d ago

For a fan made game it's impressive

MrWonderful3841d ago

damn i am at work cant see it :(

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