IGN: Darksiders: How the World Ends

The apocalypse is coming in '09. The rapture provides the catalyst for the events in THQ's Darksiders: Wrath of War. Everyone's favorite horseman of the apocalypse, War, is implicated in the destruction of the Earth. Sure, it's his job to help bring about the rapture, but it wasn't time for the world to end.

It turns out, however, that War is being set-up. The premature apocalypse is a conspiracy between heaven and hell and War's caught in the middle. Stripped of his powers and his horse, War must battle his way to the surface of a ruined Earth in order to clear his name.

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MK_Red3842d ago

Awesome find and vid. DarkSiders was already among my top 5 most anticipated 2009 games. Can't wait!