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Player TV UK reviews MGS4 -- 10/10 . "One of the best games ever made"

Another perfect score for MGS4 has come in courtesy of Player TV UK. The reviewer termed it as the best game on Playstation 3 and as one of the best games ever made. The reviewer however conveyed a statement of caution saying that some might not like the style of gameplay. The reviewer also termed it as the best MGS game.

Watch the video review.

NOTE : - Be patient . The video takes a little amount of time to load

WARNING :- watch out for spoilers (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

sonarus  +   2304d ago
This vide review features a video with a boss battle. You should update the the topic to include a spoiler tag
theKiller  +   2304d ago
this is a bad review
they should give it 11/10!!
Domenikos  +   2304d ago
OMG 3 days... i really need to get out of the interwebs or ill get spoiled...
Gun_Senshi  +   2304d ago
But not watching.

I do not any MGS4 Spoilers. Only 2 days to go!
mightydog01  +   2304d ago
Same here not watching it.... I want to enjoy every momment of MGS4 I've been waiting for so long no ones going to spoil it for me and MGS fans..... another great score
GameDev  +   2304d ago
seeing as how
that other thread with the "MAJOR SPOILERS" warning only had about 50 or so replies we can safely say that NO ONE cares for these stupid articles and just wants to play the game.
Maverick_  +   2304d ago
Freaking AWESOME. I love the MGS series so much.
Angelitos  +   2304d ago
I will miss all the excitement waiting for MGS4 to come out. But, I will enjoy the best game ever :)
Angelitos  +   2304d ago
The FIXME dvd player aint no way having this title :)
SmokingMonkey  +   2304d ago
Best Game Ever!
it says "one of the best games ever made"
but the ps3 has no games?!
clintos59  +   2304d ago
But this game will be better then any exclusive game that has come out of the 360 thus far..
Meaning that yes this will be the best exclusive game to come out on any system thus far and will go down as one of the greatest games of all time. :)
SmokingMonkey  +   2304d ago
just to be clear
i was being sarcastic
the 20 and 60 gig ps3 plays the most games on any console ever
some 1200 ps1 games + some 1200 ps2 games plus some 180 ps3 games
i love the family don't get me wrong fellas
SmokingMonkey  +   2304d ago
NEW RULE: from now on all posts about MGS4 must start with the title (!) LOL
<<<<<big ZOE fan
<<<<<Slapped for forgeting his PSP
can't wait to play "one of the best games ever made" on the best system ever made!
Yoma  +   2304d ago
Is that so..

I will definitely pick it up if that's true!!
meepmoopmeep  +   2304d ago
3 more dayz!!!!!!!!
name  +   2304d ago
2 days for us midnight release goers.
meepmoopmeep  +   2304d ago

oh, i forgot my Best Buy is having a midnight release!
you're right! 2 dayz!!!!!!
M0UTHBREAKER  +   2304d ago
Another perfect score for MGS4 has come in courtesy of another unknown site.

PSMonster21  +   2304d ago
Some one needs to get laid...and soon.
steck67  +   2304d ago
Yet in another thread you mention two other unknown sites (thunderbolt, and the other one I cant remember because it is so unknown) just to bash MGS4, are you desperate? I agree with PSMonster, what are you? the 40 year old vergin?
Millah  +   2304d ago
How is he gonna get laid when he hasn't even hit puberty? I think someone needs to grow up instead.
karlostomy  +   2304d ago
You sure rattled that SDF cage.

What did you lose... like 7.. 8 bubbles for speaking your mind?
It seems the bubble system is being abused for censorship.

N4g is getting to be like a NAZI fascist regime! Sieg Heil Krazy Ken!

/end sarcasm
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name  +   2304d ago
M0UTHBREAKER  +   2304d ago
Source: mattyblog.cookynet.com

How the hell this sh1t gets approved. Are the monkeys who run this website so desesperated to find good reviews for another B-quality game? so they expend all their day looking for fake reviews in google?That's sad.
#12 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
SmokingMonkey  +   2304d ago
mouthbreakers heart rate rising
beavis4play  +   2304d ago
mouthbreaker, during this year, what is last x360 game to get these type of reviews?
i'll allow any reviews from any site........(wind blowing)...........that's what i thought.

look at the bright side: since 360 has no games worth playing coming out, your system can't RROD on you.
PSMonster21  +   2304d ago
Hey look, Its another B-Quality troll.
Millah  +   2304d ago
Sad? Oh yea, cuz engaging in pointless fanboy fights is much more constructive in life right?

The only thing thats sad is people such as yourself who get offended by a "rival" gaming system. I love Ps3, don't get me wrong, but I love 360 as well. What I don't love is these morons who have completely ruined the gaming industry with these very immature fanboy wars.
supahbad  +   2304d ago
maybe your mouth is broken because you suck soooo much d!ck
mightydog01  +   2304d ago
awww whats the matter upset cause its not coming on the 360......Dont cry if you want to play this great game all you need is a ps3. Now go stand in the corner for being such a pr!ck and be a good boy for your mummy and daddy and they might buy you a ps3 cause thats the only way your goner play MGS4, The best game out yet!
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Yawnier  +   2304d ago
The best game ever made. But the 3shixty's ain't getting there filthy hands on this masterpiece!
PSWe60  +   2304d ago
and to think
right now there's a 3rd60 out there somewhere that just RRoD'd
xxBATTLECATxx  +   2304d ago
IzKyD1331  +   2304d ago
youtube anyone?
sandip787  +   2304d ago
how long does it take to load? its just a blank screen for me....
kazuma  +   2304d ago
damn i almost watched that
Silogon  +   2304d ago
I hate this "one of the best" where is the best. I wanna know where the best game of all time is. I need to compare it.
IzKyD1331  +   2304d ago
just so you guys know, there are ALOT of spoilers in that video
Millah  +   2304d ago
Yea and I like
how they claim "don't worry we won't show any spoilers in our review" Riiiigghhtttt....lol I saw just one spoiler for me, and they even start talking about it, and then just stopped watching. No real big spoilers, but spoilers enough.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2304d ago
Another amazing score
n4gzz  +   2304d ago
I am glad this game is no multiplat otherwise we would have to stuck with 9 gig games instead of 50 gig games
RobertGonz69  +   2304d ago
like I am dreaming. The game is out in 3 days. it feels good to own a PS3.
Chris Bosh  +   2304d ago
Can i go to my local gamespot or bestbuy and still preorder this game?????
GameDev  +   2304d ago
too late at this point
you have up to a week before I believe
juuken  +   2304d ago
The excitement is killing me here.
There goes another belly flop.
PoSTedUP  +   2304d ago
thats good to hear.
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mightydog01  +   2304d ago
Only on PS3, Another great score. the best game will soon be in our grasp its going to be awesome and going to injoy every bit of the masterpeice MGS4.....Im turning into golum (I wants iT' I WantS it NOW my MGS4) SNAKE OF THE KINGS
supergamer  +   2304d ago
go mgs4
i_like_ff7  +   2304d ago
im afraid to watch the review. How bad are the spoilers?
themyk  +   2304d ago
why would you take a chance and watch a video right now? it's out in a few days man. just relax. i'm picking mine up at midnight. so i'm saying it's out in 2 days. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.

i just bought the 2 promo posters from ebay. the snake and raiden posters that are in the windows of gamestop. best 50 bucks i've spend in a while. and while i was their i picked up a sweet little fox hound t shirt. god i love this game.
Herbert tholdpervert  +   2304d ago
gears of what...?
can't wait
timmyrulz  +   2304d ago
Let us all hate on the 360 even though it has absolutley nothing to do with this post,

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