Player TV UK reviews MGS4 -- 10/10 . "One of the best games ever made"

Another perfect score for MGS4 has come in courtesy of Player TV UK. The reviewer termed it as the best game on Playstation 3 and as one of the best games ever made. The reviewer however conveyed a statement of caution saying that some might not like the style of gameplay. The reviewer also termed it as the best MGS game.

Watch the video review.

NOTE : - Be patient . The video takes a little amount of time to load

WARNING :- watch out for spoilers

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sonarus3838d ago

This vide review features a video with a boss battle. You should update the the topic to include a spoiler tag

theKiller3838d ago

they should give it 11/10!!

Domenikos3838d ago

OMG 3 days... i really need to get out of the interwebs or ill get spoiled...

Gun_Senshi3838d ago

But not watching.

I do not any MGS4 Spoilers. Only 2 days to go!

mightydog013838d ago

Same here not watching it.... I want to enjoy every momment of MGS4 I've been waiting for so long no ones going to spoil it for me and MGS fans..... another great score

GameDev3838d ago

that other thread with the "MAJOR SPOILERS" warning only had about 50 or so replies we can safely say that NO ONE cares for these stupid articles and just wants to play the game.

Maverick_3838d ago

Freaking AWESOME. I love the MGS series so much.

Angelitos3838d ago

I will miss all the excitement waiting for MGS4 to come out. But, I will enjoy the best game ever :)

Angelitos3838d ago

The FIXME dvd player aint no way having this title :)

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The story is too old to be commented.