Armchair Empire Reviews: Overclocked: A History of Violence

The Armchair Empire writes: "As a gamer, I'm such a suck for adventure games, particularly good ones, and though there are some technical issues surrounding the overall execution and the pacing is frustratingly slow, Overclocked actually feels satisfying at its conclusion but you'll need to be a dyed-in-the-wool fan of adventure games to reach that point.
You play as "former forensic psychiatrist for the U.S. Army" David McNamara investigating a case which involves five nut bars found wandering New York City, all of them suffering from, what else, amnesia. These are all shattered people and it's up to McNamara to delve into their psyches (via flashbacks as you play through their eyes), as bloody and twisted as they are, and piece together what brought them to their current mental state, which actually made me think of LOST."

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