Xbox 360 RPG Blow Out Tonight

Kotaku reports: "Microsoft may not be winning Japan over with its Xbox 360-it typically sells under 10,000 consoles a month in the region-but that doesn't mean it's going to stop trying. Tomorrow in Japan the company is holding a press conference to focus on its RPG line-up, presumably to show off future wares like Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant from Square Enix, but it may have more than that.

We know that Mistwalker is working on Cry On and a Blue Dragon sequel, so we may get some updates on that, but perhaps Microsoft has a megaton or two squirreled away. If you stay up late enough, you might be able to catch wind of what's going on, but rest assured that whatever drama awaits, it will be here in the morning. Get some sleep!"

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fork_up_your_ass3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

This iz a lie. xbox had the most rph in console

So xbox is not getting blown away

it has more rpg than PS3

sonarus3812d ago

what are you talking about??? 360 deserves every rpg they can get their hands on as sony isn't doing $hit as of right now. The most promising RPG which was WKC has since disappeared into the shadows while 360 strikes deal after deal with publishers to bring out more 360 RPG's. Its unfortunate it won't help them out too much but they deserve it because they are clearly working harder than sony in that regard

deeznuts3812d ago

I'm digging Valkyrie coming out soon. But yeah, it is a bit slow on the PS3 front for RPGs. Maybe it's FFXIII or bust for them.

Mr_President_3812d ago

Sony needed to get off their ass 2 years ago to get some rpg's for the PS3. The 360 has had a steady diet of JRPG's for awhile now and thats not changing anytime soon with IU, ToV, LR all likely due out over the next year to year and a half. The PS3 RPG scene is a big f***ing joke.

CrazzyMan3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

X360 available exclusive jrpg:
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey


PS3 available exclusive jrpg:
Disgaea 3
Valkyrie Chronicles

well, for x360 could be added timed exclusive eternal sonata, But timed is NOT a real exclusive.

JokesOnYou3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I can't even understand what the hell the first post is talking about, but anyway I agree this won't help micro much in Japan,(hardware sales) the vast majority of Japanese just don't accept foreign gaming products so this will be a tough market for a western console maker to crack for quite sometime. Still I like micro's under dog attitude, they keep fighting the good fight no matter how overwhelming the odds are, and in the end its always good for gamers to get the kind of games they want....I said long ago, they just need to stay in Japan not to win,(everybody knows they can't) but if they quit in Japan it would be a PR disaster...micro is smart even though at this point they know their sales are terrible in Japan, its still better than the original bad as that is PR wise they will put on a "happy face" and put out some positive spin news.

@CrazzyMan, nah 360 has more than that n' some good looking titles coming soon...

Blue Dragon
Lost Oddysey
Eternal Sonata (timed exclusive, for over a yr...thats a long time)
Cry On
Last Remnant
Infinite Undiscovery

also they say Mistwalker has been working on Blue Dragon2 and that micro may have another surprise, not sure if its true or not but either way 360 does have some pretty good JRPG love now and looks like micro has a plans to continue that.


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clintos593812d ago

But loves to bring all the bad news of HUGE exclusive ps3 games such as MGS4, which is a game bigger then any of those jrpg's releasing on the 360. Not trying to be a fanboy but for them to be striking down at anything about MGS4, is just like striking down anything Gear of War 2 which we never see at all. Yeah Kotaku, I am glad to se news like this but I dont want to hear it from your sorry a$$ site. Let MS tell us, thanx ahead of time u a**hole of a site, lol. :P

v1c1ous3812d ago

don't do that.

if you purposely look for bad news in something specific, you're going to find it.

don't turn this into a fanboy trolling circle-jerk. if you have the need to express your disdain for the 360, do it in the open zone, or go to the other 400 pro-ps3 topics that pop-up on n4g everyday.

meepmoopmeep3812d ago

nice, can't wait to hear what they'll reveal

Nevers3812d ago

I'm not done with Lost Odyssey yet (just lazy) but I want more rpg's... Western or Eastern - I don't care - Just gimmee more sword and sorcery!!!

name3812d ago

Kotaku does have it's ulterior motives -_- The 360 does seem to be the console giving the goods as far as RPG's go. The fact that Sony has YET to put out ANY worthwhile RPG's exclusively for the PS3 is simply baffling. I don't know if they're trying to crack into the american market while Microsoft is trying to capture japan, but I'd much rather have a system that's trying to capture japan. Since most of my favorite games are japanese. That's one of the reasons I wanted a PS3.

Most of the games I love this gen come from europe or america. I really REALLY want an RPG. We have white knight chronicals coming and everything, and we have the big daddy of all RPG's final fantasy 13 and 13 vs, but I still want a collectionof smaller RPG's before that. I might have to dig into the PS2 bin, because the PS2 just got persona 3. I don't know what sony's doing exactly, but being out RPG'd by microsoft is just disturbing. Especially after all the crap I heard 360 owners talk about RPG's in general.(pokemon with people?)

v1c1ous3812d ago

a western-based stance to the extreme as of this gen.

but then again, this is definitive of the current state of gaming this gen.

for every outstanding Japanese next-gen game in the news, there's 5 western games with the same amount of hype, or more.

tplarkin73812d ago

It's just pure speculation. I'll wait until Microsoft unveils something before I believe it.

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