DriveClub Weather Vs Project CARS Weather Comparison

Comparison between Project CARS and DriveClub weather pics side-by-side. See them both then judge by yourself.

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Mostafeto1399d ago

I honestly think that DriveClub has a better weather system and is a better game in Overall than Project CARS. I guess it will be a HUGE Sony exclusive franchise in the near future.

Abriael1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

And to compare them you compare four completely random screenshots that don't even show a remotely similar situation?

Mind you, may at least use your own picture for the post here instead of just grabbing mine.

Mostafeto1399d ago

Abriael First of all, I am comparing the weather system in general not in a specific situation
Second, those pics were released via a press release making them availabke and free to use to any video game journalist
Third, I will adf more pics to the post tomorrow to increase comparison
Final thing, know that press releases are for everyone to use and try to know the rules and guidelines as journalist and see if I done anything wrong in this before you talk
Anyway thanks for your comment and feedback on the post :)

Abriael1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Really? You mean the picture on the top right of this page with "driveclub vs Project cars" on it was in a press release?

That's most amazing. I didn't know that the Project Cars developers would include the featured picture from my latest comparison article (which I made myself in photoshop, with a screenshot taken directly from my copy of the beta) in an official press release.

I'm almost honored /s.

Secondly, comparing random screenshots with absolutely no identity between each other other than "it rains" is rather funny, especially since it shows absolutely nothing.

WeAreLegion1399d ago

I'm sorry, but I have to go with Abriael on this one. These screens aren't good indicators.

generic-user-name1399d ago

It's only a pic dude, I just google image searched "Driveclub vs Project Cars" and your image is on the first page, I would have probably used it too if I were in his shoes. You did a good job making it but not worth fighting over I don't think.

As for the comparison, he at least managed to show what water droplets look like on cars in each game. Both look great but I think DC edges it based on these images. Hardly a comprehensive comparison but, meh.

Prime1571399d ago

Whoa, guys...

Google images help page says:

“The images displayed in a Google Image Search may be protected by copyright, so we can’t grant you the right to use them for any purpose other than viewing them on the web. If you’d like to use images from our image search, we suggest contacting the site’s webmaster to obtain permission.”

Just because YOU find it on Google doesn't mean it's legal..

tbone5671399d ago

Forza Horizon 2 looks better than both in my opinion.

Malphite1399d ago

@tbone567: Goes to show that opinions can be wrong. Forza Horizon 2 seem to look good from what we've seen but PCars and DC are in it's own league graphically.

To be fair FH2 is an open world game so it obviously won't be able to compete for the best looking racing game.

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assdan1399d ago

I'm guessing driveclub will have better effects. This is because it's made by a 1st party dev, at half the framerate (I believe so at least). If driveclub doesn't look better in every way, then something went horribly wrong.

gapecanpie1399d ago

One of the most stupidest comparison I ever seen. The pic aren't the same size which already made the whole comparison pointless.

One is a arcade racer that can only manage 30fps while the other is a sim with a advance simulation engine and run at 60fps (at least on the pc) and a deep customization system.

This is a apple to oranges comparison. If you like your games with only just graphics going for it and the rest is barebones then Drive club is what you need... if you want deep gameplay and customization options with awesome graphics at 60fps at a resolution higher then 1080p then you need Project Cars.

imt5581399d ago

I really don't know why some sites use this picture for Driveclub

This screenshot is CLEARLY PROJECT CARS screenshot ( date March 3rd 2013 ) and weather stuff were clearly unknown in Driveclub :

And i graphically is pretty different from official Driveclub screenshots after weather announcement this year :

Imp0ssibl31399d ago

That's a bold statement, surely one might discuss the graphics of the two games but gameplay is going to be completely different.

I don't think they will be directly comparable in terms of gameplay.

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XiSasukeUchiha1399d ago

Driveclub weather system is better in my opinion thaat's all folks.

Mostafeto1399d ago

Totally agree man just look at the droplets on that hood it looks INSANE I don't even care if Slightly Mad Studios add VR support to PC or even Voice-Driving Support :P I will still buy DriveClub for my PS4 It is just better in EVERYTHING

nujack1399d ago

I agree completely. As far as console racing games go, Drive Club looks to be the best. It is just ridiculous how good it looks.

Hyper_Tension1401399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Best looking yes, but the best racer for me might be Forza Horizon 2, because my experience with the first was simply amazing.

Maybe is because I dont know much about driveclub yet so for now this is my pick, ill be buying both.(and Project Cars)

But I have to admit, those graphics alone could sell the game:)

NatureOfLogic_1399d ago

The cars in Project Cars don't even look wet in the rain. The cars in Driveclub look like a car should in the rain.

Hyper_Tension1401399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I agree, something is off about Project Cars graphics I just cant put my finger in it.

Driveclub looks more true to real life.

Anyway didnt the Wii U version of Project Cars get delayed?

The website says its coming on the same time as the ps4, xbone, and pc.

colonel1791399d ago

Nice avatar dude! LOL

I don't comment on the story because I don't like racing games at all, so... both look good I guess?

Majin-vegeta1399d ago

How about waiting till DC gets the weather patch and then compare them?

Spotie1399d ago

Does it really matter? It's going to look the same or better, in all likelihood.

Imp0ssibl31399d ago

On that I'll have to agree, it already looks fantastic so it seems unlikely that it will change dramatically.

Eonjay1399d ago

Thing is, we want motion guys. Don't really care where the pictures are from, because it doesn't give a real comparison of weather effects as this article's title would leave one to believe. 'Effects' is a concept of things in motion. Whoever produces that video first will have a real story.

WeAreLegion1399d ago

Don't really care to compare them. I just know both look incredible and I'm definitely getting Driveclub. We'll see about Project CARS.

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