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Crysis 3 & Ryse Producer, Mike Read, Has Left Crytek - "Wish we could have done more on Crysis 3"

Things are definitely not looking good for Crytek. Homefront’s producer has left the building, Tiego Sousa – the man behind CRYENGINE – has recently left Crytek and we just found out that Mike Read, producer of both Crysis 3 and Ryse – has resigned from the German studio. (Crysis 3, Industry, Mike Read, PC, PS4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

Starbucks_Fan  +   492d ago
Crytek's in deep s*** right now.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   492d ago
Deeper than Might guy's eye brow lol :p

On topic: Damn Crytek is screwed!
johndoe11211  +   492d ago
I swear, three quarters of the time I have no idea what you're talking about.
Starbucks_Fan  +   492d ago
Most Naruto fanboys are like that
Meltic  +   492d ago
you again dont you ever eat or sleep ? OR WORK
assdan  +   492d ago
Yeah... it's looking like Crytek might going bust...
UltraNova  +   492d ago
They will let them rot before moving in and buy them dirt cheap. Rest assured keen eyes are watching them, fully prepared to swoop in at the right time.

E.g. 1)MS just made some room after closing that Xbox entertainment studio, further strengthening their new found focus on games...

2) Ubisoft really needs a top tier shooter if they ever hope to go against Activision and EA. Crytek's Crysis and tech know-how would do them wonders on that front.
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assdan  +   490d ago
MS would be stupid to not buy them.
ATi_Elite  +   491d ago
I laugh so HARD at this!

Crytek totally bad mouthed the PC Gamer community even though we bought 4 million units of Crysis and another 2 million units of Crysis Warhead.

Crytek jumped on the console bandwagon and started kissing consolers butts and saying "Oh we love consoles because they will give us a chance to make more money" even though these CLOWNS made a KILLING on Crysis 1 PC.

Now look at Crytek, bankrupt and with game sales that NEVER EVER measured up to what Crysis sold on PC ALONE.

Hell Crysis 2 and 3 on 360/ps3 combined isn't even close to the PC Exclusive.

So all the head honchos (RATS) are jumping the sinking Crytek ship. LOL

Let this be a another lesson for you Devs out there. Ditching the PC in favor of the consoles is NOT always a good idea.

If the PC Gamers made you rich then you better stick with them because the grass is NOT always greener on the other side.

Now I only have a few minor issues with a PC dev going multiplat (just look at how the Mighty Battlefield Series has fallen thanks to making console versions) but if a dev is gonna go multiplat then at least make your game PC first and with PC Gamer style gameplay then port down as not to ruin the game for PC gamers.

Just see the The Witcher Series or The Elder Scrolls series as a good example.
yankolo  +   492d ago
MS will buy them...
christocolus  +   492d ago
Nadella talked about aquisitions but not sure if crytek will be a good purchase. They could aquire a part of the studio or just handpick a few good talent to form a new team within MS but most importantly Phil better get the rights to Ryse asap. I need to play a sequel.
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Dlacy13g  +   492d ago
I think the purchase of Crytek specifically hinges on how good MS feels the Cryengine actually is. I believe Lionhead is currently using for Fable Legends. If they felt it was really that good I could see them buying possibly even start offering the engine as a MS service offering. But that also is a big long shot right now.
Kayant  +   492d ago
Fable Legends is using UE4 like a lot of MS titles, Also help with an implementation for Global illumination https://www.unrealengine.co...


Well point sadly it's best anyone wanting anything from crytek to wait it out then full swoop vulture it out.
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castillo  +   492d ago
AgentSmithPS4  +   492d ago
Mike's leaving has hurt the rabbits the most.

I hope he finds another job and makes a great game for us to buy.
NarooN  +   492d ago
WTF @ that image, man...
ThanatosDMC  +   492d ago
Lol! Wtf... NSFW! Hahaha!
Codey47  +   492d ago
If Crytek die.... the PC platform will lose one of the most dedicated PC developers.
Tbph, they're the only major dev that actually care about the platform.
Devs other than Crytek probably do care. But not many try to accommodate to the latest PC Hardware like Crytek do. Everybody seems to have high hopes on PC with DirectX12 When in reality DirectX11's Native full compliance support is somewhat laughable (ie:- not shoehorned in with a patch)

6 games are native DirectX11 on the PC platform as of writing this

Crysis 3
Tropico 5
War Of The Vikings

I think for a 5 year old API to have a catalogue of 6 games that are fully compliant is ridiculous.

There's a reason Crysis 3 looks better than Crysis 2 (post DX11 patch)
Crysis 3 Native DX11
Crysis 2 shoehorned patch DX11

Please don't retort with a DirectX11 list of games from wikipedia. Like I said 99% of those titles of are patched... not built from the ground up with the API in question.

It'd also be nice if DX12 were to add new vertex, pixel and shader models. Atm I'm lead to believe(I haven't read the white papers) That it's just a speed increase for multicore CPU's and improved collision detection..

On N4G's PC section the only way a PC topic can muster over 15 comments is when it has PS4 and XBOX One connected to the title. Not acceptable for a gaming centric site and must somewhat irk the elitists.

There's no doubt that the MMORPG genre is the saving grace for the PC and generates the most revenue for the PC Platform.
There's always a huge influx of those titles...one of the main reasons I gave up PC gaming in the first place.

I class MMORPG's for the socially inept with little grasp on reality.

feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...or don't. I might even appreciate a simple TL:DR or "you're a fucking moron"
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sorane  +   492d ago
So easy to tell that you know little to nothing about PC. Oh and that list is just laughable and is not even close to the amount of games that natively support dx11. Where's Battlefield 3&4 on the list? Or Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Sniper Elite 3, the last Stalker game, Thief, the latest Splinter Cell, Trials Fusion, the latest Need For Speed, Last Light, Grid 2, Dirt 2-3-Showdown, Company of Heroes 2, Bioshock Infinite, AVP, ARMA 3, Assassins Creed 3&4, etc, etc etc. None of which had to be "patched in" as you so like to lie about. You trolls should try to use at least half a brain cell before posting your filth.
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incredibleMULK  +   492d ago
Damn I wish they'd get their sh1t together. I want future crysis titles. Addictive multi player, fun campaigns, & great graphics.
ThinkThink  +   492d ago
Sucks for everyone involved. I really hope MS tries to purchase the Ryse IP. I would love to see that IP get another chance.
mochachino  +   492d ago
I loved Crysis 1, thought 2 was great but for some reason Crysis 3 was one of the most boring games I bought all gen. It was terrible imo.
Eldyraen  +   492d ago
Every Crysis game was good in its own way. The original (and Warhead) were the best Sandbox games by far and overall were my favorites.

C2 was a solid linear shooter (gunplay wise) but not overly memorable outside of some great set pieces. C3 was better than 2 in many ways but worse in others. Between 2 and 3 it is tough to decide which I found more enjoyable but I liked both. Neither compare to the best shooters out there but they are still better than most.
CanadianTurtle  +   492d ago
It's great to see this company go. They were never capable of making games with good gameplay anyways.
pwnsause_returns  +   492d ago
to,me its just crazy how they just be an ip like Homefront after THQs demise, and not realize how much in deep s**t they were financially before they bought the IP... talk about Bad decisions from the top.

goes to show you how dumb those guys are...yea I agree. its good to see this company go. Feel bad for the Developers that work under their wing... Hopefully something good comes out of this, like being able to work on a competent company thats actually doing their stuff right and actually paying their employees.
Eldyraen  +   492d ago
It might sound strange but the IP "only" cost 500k. They had probably spent much more on it (with THQ's assistance for some of it) and if they hadn't bought it that is probably another 2 years (reasonable time for games to be made) the team wouldn't see a product launch to recoup losses so it was a risk either way.

Half a million sounds like a lot but it would only be enough for 1-2 months of extra pay for a big team and what appears to be zero releases in a foreseeable future (Homefront 2 is only game they have announced ATM). Without Homefront I doubt they would be in any better position than they are in now. Unless they can finish it I bet it will only get worse.
castillo  +   492d ago
MS needs to buy Crytek or go IP shopping. Either way it's a good idea.
Volkama  +   492d ago
I don't think Crytek's IPs are particularly valuable though? Plus the Y they put in the names becomes somewhat redundant, it isn't a legacy worth preserving.

I would like to see the proposed sequel to Ryse. I don't know how the legalities might play out, but I would be happy enough if it was called "Rise Son of England".
castillo  +   492d ago
If not the whole company , then 4 IPs Crysis, Ryse, homefront, warface. Those would be nice IP exclusive games to Xbox one .
GamersHeaven  +   492d ago
Mediocre games with good graphic goodbye Crytek not going to miss you.

Related video
IAM  +   492d ago
Piracy, console half hearted ports, sleeping in the bed with Microsoft, chasing free to play, buying IP & handling too many projects, spend thrift as if millions cant vaporized. Corp bj, even janitors. F*** it they live a rock star life with a Microsoft habit & Sony budget & road it til the wheel feel off. Money makes the world go around & they burn through it. god i can relate. Neg $45 in my bank account @ 17. Them jet flights can be expensive. Think they can put the Nano suit on EBay? I buy it to choke the f*** our of some red hair. She likes it rough. .Anyway Making it in the industry is not easy. DREAMS were shattered, people lost jobs. My laptop is horrible, it pirated Crysis. Demon possession I believe. A mess up world we live in. S*** happens. Im going to have a drink & pour some for Crytek.

The achievement of running Crysis was the greatest accomplishment of my life that I failed. weeps...

My son will be playing better looking games then Crysis 15 years from today & ill be close to 50 in my underwear trolling on N4G. God I hop my life isn't that pathetic.
Some will be though. Anyway the gameplay of Sandbox gaming will be remembered. Hey!! Look there goes Far Cry.....
Revengeance  +   492d ago
This really proves how much of a failure the Crysis series and Ryse has become.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   492d ago
DAFUQ is going on in Crytek O_o
Goku781  +   492d ago
I wish you could have too, but instead they gave us Ryse for Xbox One a thus was the beginning of the end.
xGolshixElitex  +   492d ago
Some one needs to help them, they don't only make some really solid games, but they make them look good too.
BERN  +   492d ago
I was just thinking about how much fun the crysis series would have been with the introduction of Co Op in the series. Its unfortunate that things are going in such a rough direction.
Tzuno  +   492d ago
They all go to Cliff Blezisnky new studio Boss Key. :) They should have releasesd Ryse on PC too for more monayyyyy.
Gore-Content  +   492d ago
And he won't be miss. With his last two games being such s*** I can imagine he'll have a hard time finding a new job.
king_ps4  +   492d ago
Buy it sony!!

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