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LGBT Guild Holds Pride Parade in Final Fantasy XIV

Twinfinite writes, "It's always nice to see people coming together within the gaming community to do something life-affirming." (Culture, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4)

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randomass171  +   249d ago
That's a pretty cool way to express yourself if you're that far into a game's community. Good for them for this march.
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JsonHenry   249d ago | Offensive
Chespin  +   249d ago
Can we have a straight parade? No gays allowed.
randomass171  +   249d ago
I don't think there is anything that bars a straight parade. Not sure why you would want it though because there is not much reason to promote straight marriage as a good thing when it's already widely accepted.

@Jyndal I don't think you are homophobic or more to the point anti-gay if you don't actively support gay rights. You are though if you actively speak out against gays having equal rights. Events like these are generally inclusive, but I don't think anyone with sense would try to force anyone into it either.
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Jyndal  +   249d ago
I don't look at it that way. To me it's almost come to the point that if you're not actively supporting gay rights, then you get labeled a homophobe, among other things.

I'm glad the gay community is getting the same rights as straight people now, but don't expect me to play a part in it. It's their fight, so they should be the ones in there swinging, not me.

A parade to celebrate the fact that I, among others, are straight would be a statement that, in my view, would show those that are gay and want to shove it in our faces just how silly that approach is.
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JsonHenry  +   249d ago
Yeah, I get yelled at called names when people ask me if I'm going to the gay parade and I respond with "Why would I?" and all of a sudden I'm homophobic because I don't actively celebrate a lifestyle I don't partake in. I don't like parades. I don't like Christmas parades, I don't like St. Patrick Day Parades, hell I don't even like Macy's Thanksgiving day parades. And I celebrate all of those holidays! Why would it make me homophobic for not having an interest in a gay parade?

It's like being called racist because I don't agree with our current prez's political positions.

Its more about forcing something on you and brow-beating you into shame in most cases than it is about acceptance or diversity.
Baka-akaB  +   249d ago
I hear you , but quite honestly , isnt that like any other gathering event in FFXIV ?
Bimkoblerutso  +   249d ago
While I don't really care one way or another that they are doing this, it has always confused me why sexuality is such a matter of contention in general.

Like, why did I get made fun of for being a virgin until I was 21? Why are seemingly reasonable people horrified that two dudes are sticking it to one another? But then conversely, why would that distinction be a source of pride for people in the first place, gay or otherwise?

Why does it goddamn matter to the rest of the world who we're getting it on with, and why do we feel like the rest of the world needs to know in the first place!?
rlacorne  +   249d ago
Heterosexuals are welcome at any pride event. Where did you get the idea that it was a closed group? 0_o
elda  +   249d ago
Absolutely!...I've been to the Puerto Rican pride events,St.Patrick Parades,Halloween parade,Thanksgiving Parade,Caribbean Pride including the Gay Pride all here in NYC & they have been fun & everyone respects one another never had a problem of disrespect...at the end of the day people are people.
They went around attention whoring in a game. So what?
Mr Marvel   249d ago | Immature | show
rlacorne  +   249d ago
That's cool. :) Good for them, really!
Vantage  +   249d ago
Pride in something you didn't earn or work for is ridiculous.
Jyndal  +   249d ago
Do you take pride in the person that you are?
Vantage  +   249d ago
Not necessarily. Something that I was born with or chose to be, I would not take pride in. Personal achievements, I may.
psuedo  +   249d ago
I would love to see this on some kind of pvp server where another clan comes in and just wipes out the parade.
Jyndal  +   249d ago
Serenity Now, right? :D
sloth3395  +   249d ago
if they did they would get in trouble for gay bashing
slutface  +   249d ago
I'm a gaymer ! I need a hardcore video gamer as a boyfriend.....it's so hard to find cute ones !
GhostTurtle  +   249d ago
This is as gay as it gets

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elda  +   249d ago
I like how they remixed the FF music with a 4/4 house percussion,but it's cool that a gaming community can partake in events as such as long as no one is offending anyone...let live.

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