ZTGD Review: Iron Man

There is no denying that the Marvel Universe is vast. It seems since the beginning of gaming there have been a countless amount of games based on these fan-favorite heroes. It will also come as a surprise that up until now Iron Man has only had his name in the spotlight once before (that title was Iron Man X/O Manowar for the PSOne) and the results were not positive. Now with Marvel's Bruce Wayne equivalent making his big-screen debut Sega and developer Secret Level decided it was time to resurrect the interactive career of Tony Stark with Iron Man for Xbox 360 and PS3. The results are a mixed bag of solid action mixed in with a few bumps in the road along the way.

+ Large Expansive Levels
+ Intricate Combat
+ Great Presentation
- Shoddy Frame Rate
- Learning Curve is Steep
- Sporadic Camera System

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paul_war3816d ago

Sorry again ZT, but I disagree with many of the positives you give. The graphics were just touching on acceptable. The environments were large, but there was really to see and it did not look nice.

The combat is some of the monotonous I’ve ever experienced, every level was flying around holding R2 & moving towards any orange blip on the radar. Every level.

It takes about 5 hours, after which you would have unlocked everything. It offers no replay value or multi-player.

Snoozer2823816d ago

Terrible game, generous review.

Large environments are only good if there's something to do on them.

Running around spamming attack does not equal a good experience

butterfinger3816d ago

I think I will pick this up immediately! lol