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Battlefield 4: Final Stand to release between October-December

Battlefield 4: Final Stand, the fifth and final Battlefield 4 expansion pack, will launch during EA's fiscal Q3, CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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JoGam  +   374d ago
Honestly, I think i'm done with battlefield. All drained out. The new maps are cool but it's nothing but the same. Can't wait for TLOU multiplayer. Thats going to be my new jam. Yeah I said Jam.
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hardeepmeghera  +   373d ago
Then you're obviously not a FPS fan. Totally understandable.
JoGam  +   373d ago
Lol. I didnt say I don't like FPS, I said im tired of BF4. I played that game day in and day out. Im drained. But I Guess ur obviously not a fan of reading and comprehension. Totally understandable.
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ATi_Elite  +   374d ago
Bf5 will be a solid game void of all the problems of bf4.

Bf5 will be truly a next gen experience made only for three platforms instead of 5.
hardeepmeghera  +   373d ago
Can't wait for battlefield 5. Thou, the delay for hardline might just have pushed the realease of BF5 to early 2016 which isn't great news for BF fans. I just don't see them releasing two BF games In a space of a couple of months.
Dirtnapstor  +   373d ago
I honestly think that was the primary problem as to why DICE had issues with BF4. Too many platforms to deal with within the window allotted before it's release. They've been playing catchup ever since.
hardeepmeghera  +   373d ago
Agreed. I would love to see BF5 on current gen and pc only. Last gen seems to be just pulling us back.
bmf7364  +   373d ago
I would prefer Bad Company 3 over BF5. The timespan between BF2 and BF3 was 7 years. I prefer BF5 in 2021 with spinoff games like Hardline and Bad Company in between that timespan than mainstream sequel after sequel. BF4 was an attempt for DICE to redeem the wrongs and expand themselves on what BF3 could have really been.
ATi_Elite  +   373d ago
Bad Company 3 would be awesome right about now.

YES Delay BF5 for like 4 more years and just give me Bad Company 3 and Star Wars Battlefront 3
randomass171  +   374d ago
I'm no expert, but do they really expect a lot of people to buy DLC when there is a stigma surrounding how broken the game is?
Pandamobile  +   374d ago
The game has been mostly fine since December. Some people still think that the game is still as broken as it was when it launched.
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hardeepmeghera  +   373d ago
It's perfectly fine. No more glitches or bugs. Runs very very well. Thou, there seems to be a whole lot of maintenance going on lately.
Dirtnapstor  +   373d ago
I've had very few issues in general. Nothing that would constitute a "broken" game.
Never really understood that....
daBUSHwhaka  +   373d ago
Don't know what game you guys are playing.I'm still rubber banding only slightly,kill trading,killed way round corners,falling through maps into the abyss,crazy recoil burst firing,one hit kills.I've reinstalled the game numerous times.These problems are not happening every game mind you maybe 50%.Glad to hear that there are gamers that have had no problems since December.I know I'm not alone.
BludoDaSmelly  +   373d ago
Did you enable that frequency update in the settings?
bamillington  +   373d ago
Smooth as a babies bum
Harmonizer  +   373d ago
I bet the delay of Hardline has as much to do with Hardline itself as it has with the release of this DLC in october-december, which happens to be the same time frame.
Palitera  +   373d ago

This is the reason why Hardline was delayed. Or what? Would EA say their title is problematic and 'I won't let you give money for this, sorry for the honesty'?
Donkey888  +   373d ago
Between Oct and Dec? That's an awfully big window an awfully long time from now. You guys really might need up to five more months to release something that was to come out "this summer"....really? I could see maybe delaying to as late as October, but December....really? It really might not be done with the next three months? Something a little more than incompetence going on here...not quite sure what it is yet...
sovietsoldier  +   373d ago
bf last stand when interpreted means "fans last chance to stand up and demand continued support/patches".

if people don't blow up twitter,facebook,forums,websit es with demands of continued support/patches for bf4 it will turn into another bf3 where they hurry and distance them selfs from the last product while dangling the new one in front of your eyes while hoping you forget about the last one. dont let them get away with it this time force their feet to the fire and make them continue to fix and patch and add content like the promised.
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