EA Launches PC Flash Sale - 50% Off Titanfall and 30% off Battlefield 4

EA today launched their summer sale taking 50% off their blockbuster Titanfall. Both the Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition (40% off) are up for grab at a sweet price. The season pass is also reduced by 20%.

Also discounted is 30% off Battlefield 4 Standard and Digital Deluxe and 20% off Premium service. Limited time offer.

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TardcoreGamer1242d ago

Still not worth it to have to install Origin on your system to buy two crappy FPS' for.

thekhurg1242d ago

Nothing wrong with Origin anymore.

Skate-AK1242d ago

Are you sure about that? Even EA is investigating.

pandehz1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I agree.

As much as ppl hate a few recent things that have been happening with EA regarding Battlefield and what not, EA still have some of the best IP's and a wide set of games along with this Origin which is just about ok as a digital distribution platform.

No issues or hassles atm. Things work fine so why not?

allgamespc20121242d ago

lol origin is pretty terrible. theres no excuse to how bad they are. even Uplay has more features than origin, and thats just sad.

BVFTW1242d ago

At least they're trying, they've been offering some free stuff, open beta access to some games, full 48 hours for trying titanfall (I hope they extend this program to other games) and a lot of discount sales lately, Origin is not my top service and I admit I didn't like for a long time but now that the service is improving (and it needs to improve a lot still) at least they are on a better road also more competing services is always good for the consumer.

SaffronCurse1242d ago

Origin has some pretty good deals.

Father__Merrin1242d ago

origin is pretty good, it just doesn't have the social features of steam

for just ea games it's brilliant, I wish they would change the on the house game as I'm sickbed seeing peggle

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iNFAMOUZ11242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

i wouldn't get either if they were 4.99

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TheFallenAngel1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I would get titanfall if it was free. That game is not even worth $20. My brother bought it because he fell for the hype even after I told him not to after playing the beta. He wind up trading it in and he didn't get nowhere near what he paid for it. Lol

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NiteX1242d ago

I didn't think Titanfall was bad when they had that free weekend. It just didn't really feel as new as they were hyping it to be. People kept saying it wasn't just COD with Mechs.. honestly it pretty much was to me. Sure you had a double jump and wall scaling, but that wasn't such a great selling point for me.

ninjahunter1242d ago

Titanfall would be worth it. Sadly origin isnt working for me, again. EA's got a decent library, yet not a single good client.