Dungeon Defenders Eternity Out Now, It's a Money-Grubbing Joke

BNR: I’m never happy to use the words money-grubbing joke in headlines, but it honestly had to be said. What’s Dungeon Defenders Eternity, you ask? Well, it’s a stripped-down version of the original Dungeon Defenders, a fun, gorgeous tower defense ARPG that was released a few years ago. Dungeon Defenders Eternity is almost the same game- almost. According to the press release, Eternity comes with “a plethora of new improvements” such as “visible armor” and “stat and ability-boosting consumables”.

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aliengmr1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Not defending the practices here, but the story needs to be updated to reflect the current state of the game.

Evidently, single player, is being put back in. There might be more changes, but its not my job to relay those facts.

havok20201576d ago

This article is full from top to bottom with false information:
- Single player has been in the game since a few hours after release.
- The only thing that costs real money are emotes. I fail to see how this makes the game in any way 'money-grubbing'.
- The game is not 'stripped down' - it has more maps, all of the character types (which in DD1 are paid DLC), and all of the additional maps and modes from DD1 (many of which are also paid DLC). There are also additional armor slots, new item and pet types, and player abilities. The entire progression system has been reworked - making more sense - and the game is hosted on Trendy servers to minimize hacking. There is more, but I'm just going on immediate memory.
- You paint a negative picture on keeping what you pay for in this game for use in DD2, which I don't understand. How does allowing me more value for my dollar a bad thing exactly?

With all due respect, this post sounds like one in which you just want to be mad that the game was re-released and costs money - you heard someone call it money-grubbing, so rather than get any real information you jumped on the hater bandwagon and decided to write an article on how bad it is. Anyone that owns or has played both games can easily see that you are either mis-informed or just want to 'stick it to the man' as it were.