Dragon Age: Inquisition Delayed to November 18th

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a new release date of November 18, 2014 in North America (November 21st in EU)

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vishmarx1243d ago

well whatever october is way,way too packed.
mordor and lords of the fallen will be the two rpgs that month

cleft51243d ago

Sucks about the delay, but I am glad they are getting out of the slaughter fest that is October. Still, if the delay gives them more time to polish the game than I am all for that.

TomShoe1243d ago

Not surprising, October is packed.

Smash Bros 3DS
Alien: Isolation
Project Spark
Borderlands 1.5
The Evil Within
Just Dance 2015
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Assassin's Creed Unity
Sunset Overdrive
WWE 2K15
Bayonetta 2

More than a few titles on this list have a chance to be swallowed up just out of sheer volume.

nirwanda1243d ago

Clearly EA don't understand how monthly pay system works in the UK.

I've never understood companies that release something that generally requires disposable income getting released 4 days before a pay day.

TheTowelBoy1243d ago

Lol it's EA I really really doubt they delayed it A FREAKING MONTH for polish/more content. They only delayed it to November because it's less crowded.

deafdani1243d ago

Call of Duty games usually release in November, as well as Battlefield games.

Yeah... doesn't sound like a good move to me. I mean, Dragon Age is big, but is it big enough to compete for the consumer's wallet in the same month as the most popular FPS's of the year?

ThePope1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Wouldn't you? Its not an EA thing, its just smart business.


Call of Duty is a FPS which leans heavily on its MP. Dragon Age is a single player RPG, made by one of the best developers of all time. Yeah it'll be fine

Baka-akaB1243d ago

Uh ? The first dragon Age was released in November . Radically different big franchises and budgeted new ips usually do fine against CoD .

InTheLab1243d ago


I'm willing to bet CoD/BF and Dragon age are two different markets. There's those of us that buy annual crap, and those of us that don't...

cleft51243d ago

Of course that is the reason they delayed it, but look at Rayman for WiiU. It was complete and delayed for months which benefited the game ultimately. The reason for this delay doesn't matter, what matter is that this additional time will be used to polish the game even more. Thats a good thing no matter how you look at it.

deafdani1243d ago

@ThePope: I know what Dragon Age is. I actually love the Mass Effect series (which is made by the same guys and plays similarly). I want to try Dragon Age.

That doesn't change the fact that Call of Duty and Battlefield are huge contenders for the customer's money when they come out. There's an overlap in these cases, even with games from different genres.

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Dontworrybhappy1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

MCC as well and I'm sure a shit ton of other games. I understand they are trying to get child Christmas audience but damn I buy games too, summer would be awesome!

theXtReMe11243d ago

Fine by me, as this is the kind of game I want to sink my teeth in over Christmas and New Year's. When I have a bunch of time to do it. It will be perfect timing, because it will be right after all of the September/ October game releases and a few months before The Witcher 3. Giving me a few months to get everything out of this title I can, before I do it all over again with The Witcher. Cant wait!

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mikel10151243d ago

It may be a small delay but I'm glad EA is spreading out their titles instead of blowing their load all in October with this and Hardline

Rickgrimes951243d ago

It was bound to happen to at least one October game wouldn't be Suprised to see a couple more delayed sadly. But yeah I mean October 7th already has alien isolation and shadow of mordor so people we will be okay!

Meltic1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

lol thank god. 60$ richer that month. October is smacked with good games coming. Next month is better.

TM3331243d ago

I knew October release was too good to be true, but honestly, I'm kinda relieved. I personally need time to spread out releases. I'm really excited for this game though.

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