Will The Evil Within Bring Back Classic Horror?

I know there are more horror games coming are way but One was once king, Resident Evil. Since the king has fallen and Shinji Mikami departed ways can he bring his disturbing visions back to life in The Evil Within?

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user74029311369d ago

The last of us already did, but.the evil within looks great in it's own right

cfc781369d ago

TLOU was an amazing game but it didn't bring classic horror back from the days of Resident Evil not in my opinion anyway i don't see any comparison between the 2 apart from both being awesome.

L6RD7BLU31369d ago

Yeah I feel the same The Last Of Us is fantastic but it wasn't really scary, just tense at some moments.

UltraNova1368d ago

Yep totally agree with you.

TLoS wasnt horror just an excellent tense survivor game. The evil within is a blend of Silent Hill meets fatal frame meets Alone in the dark . Psychotic, disturbing, tense and gory as hell! Like a true Japanese horror story!

Imagine turning off the lights pumping up the volume, grabbing your girl to sit beside you and scaring the living shit out of her for the next 4 hrs!

It was long overdue we got a game like this.

MrSwankSinatra1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

TLoU is not a survival horror game. Sure it has a story about survival, but being an actual survival horror? Nah.......

randomass1711369d ago

TLOU was more suspenseful than scary. It felt more like survival stealth if anything. And the story is more dramatic than scary like Telltale's The Walking Dead.

ChronoJoe1368d ago

All this said I do think TLOU gameplay would fit into a survival horror game really well. If TLOU had a much darker atmosphere in regards to enemy designs and such it could be a really scary experience, but also one that's enjoyable to play.

I find most horror games nowadays are just generic trial and error stealth games and don't actually have much depth to interest to their gameplay mechanics. Hopefully that's what The Evil Within Manages to rectify.

Venox20081368d ago

no, you probably dont know what the real classic horror means

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cfc781369d ago

I doubt it'll bring the feeling of the early Resident Evil titles back those days seem long gone but this looks from what iv'e seen a good horror game whether it's a classic horror game or a low scare run through i guess we'll have to play it to find out.(hope it's good and Shinji Mikami regains top spot in gaming survival horror).

Volkama1368d ago

I haven't seen much of the game, but what I have seen looks more 'Outlast' than 'Resident Evil'.

GamersHeaven1368d ago

Really hope so one of my favorite genres in gaming so much good memories playing Resident Evil 1-3 on my PS1 I yearn for that nostalgia.

gantarat1368d ago

Game look like RE 4 but less action and explosion

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