Ars Technica Game Review: GRID

Ars technica writes: "Codemasters, the UK-based publisher, has quite a reputation when it comes to driving games. The list is distinguished: Micromachines, Colin McRae Rally, and the TOCA series were all well-received. GRID is the latest in a line that started with TOCA, the official game of the British Touring Car Championship, and it's a game that I started with high hopes.

TOCA 1 and TOCA 2 were conventional enough titles, but the format changed slightly when the series was rebranded as Race Driver and tried to incorporate a measure of RPG flavor into the game. Fans weren't particularly impressed, and Race Driver 2 and 3 minimized this aspect. Race Driver 2 was, in my opinion, an underrated title, and it compared favourably to both Forza and GT4. Race Driver 3 followed with more of the same in 2006, and since then we've had a long, long wait for a next-gen sequel to compete with Forza Motorsport II and GT5 Prologue."

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