See how BioShock would look on PS One

NeoGAF user recreates BioShock and other games as if they were released for Sony's first console.

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alextdarling1155d ago

Enter "Still better than Xbox One" comment here...

Hanuman1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

@Alex: Sarcastic or not, you are trolling.

I don't think a Ps1 version of the game would look as good as this. Looks to me it's more in the range of a 3DS.

JakemanPS319941154d ago

or a pc game from that time

sinspirit1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

What you don't seem to realize.. Is the arm and gun is a 2D sprite, the Big Daddy is also a 2D Sprite. This is PS1 quality. Not at all 3DS quality. Not even PS2 quality.

I've seen games that look about that good on PS1.
Like This game on PS1.

tee_bag2421153d ago

There's too much draw distance for it to be a PS1 games but otherwise close.

ironfist921153d ago

You say that, but if there was a brilliant new IP as ambitious as Bioshock but with the visuals of a PS1 game, people would think its an utter joke.

Thats the state of gamers, where they judge the style over the substance of the game.

HollywoodLA1154d ago

It's all about Sony this gen.

IcicleTrepan1154d ago

how'd you get that from this article about bioshock on a PSOne? That's 3 generations back now and we're talking about a last gen game.

HollywoodLA1154d ago

That's why I said "It's all about Sony this gen." Notice how I didn't say "It's all about PS4 this gen." ..even thought it is -- sales prove that.

Wow, you really thought that comment through lol. Ouch...

Sykoticz1153d ago

"It's all about Sony this gen." This Gen is ps4 and xbox one. Fanboy = Closed minded

HollywoodLA1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Is the PS4 the number one selling console this gen?

I'll wait. ^^

Is the overwhelming development community, gamers, and media focused on PS4, Sony, and in general positive news regarding Sony and it's PS4?

I'll wait. ^^

Please, do reply. Don't take too long. Oh, and do answer my questions directly. Can't wait.

: )

Activemessiah1154d ago

"Yeah but is it 60fps tho"

n4rc1154d ago

Some people have way to much free time..

Why the hell would anyone bother doing such a thing?

sinspirit1154d ago

Because... They have free time.

ironfist921153d ago

If they love doing something which others deem tedious, then its not really wasted time.

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The story is too old to be commented.