Loot Ninja Reviews: Haze for PS3

Here is the plot for Haze: you are Shane Carpenter an employee/soldier of Mantel Global Industries an outsourced military force sent in to bring control to a world in chaos. In order to help you become a trained killer you must take Nectar, a stimulating drug invented to increase a soldier's sense and make him the best possible soldier.

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eyeDEVOUR3813d ago

why do ppl keep approving Haze reviews? do we really need another review?

SeanScythe3813d ago

The game suxs to many flaws to keep it's head above water. I wish I would have know before I paid $60 for it. Oh well another ofline game to play with friends that come over.

taz80803813d ago

Yeah this game let me down somehting fierce, I had high hopes for it since it was being touted so damn much, nothing special to see other than a run of the mill FPS.

deeznuts3813d ago

Worst part is, it may outsell an excellent game like Ratchet and Clank.

taz80803813d ago

Haze = Big let down for PS3

Kleptic3813d ago

this reviewer thought that Korn was going to make it cool?...poor guy...that was honestly the first alarming thing I find out about Haze last year...

korn sucks...end of discussion...I still haven't played this (was goint to rent it at least), but apperantly its mediocre at best...