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Submitted by bequietdrive 564d ago | article

[The Metropolist] The psychology behind MMOs (or why you can’t stop playing World Of Warcraft)

To many, gaming is a past time that has become synonymous with addiction. Whether its your partner rolling their eyes at your Titanfall all nighters, or your parents irrationally equating the medium to some kind of deranged cult, video games certainly have a reputation as an all consuming hobby. Yet while a huge amount of gamers will happily sink thirty hours into GTA or play thousands of matches of FIFA and COD, these engulfing titles are nothing compared to the games that truly inspire obsession... (PC, World of Warcraft)

bequietdrive  +   564d ago
Warning!! May cause knowledge.
glasstones  +   563d ago
Awesome article. Interesting ideas on what game designers could do for society
bequietdrive  +   563d ago
Thanks man :)

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