Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Unveiled

Spanish NWN2 website Neverwinteros has news on Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, an expansion for the D&D RPG sequel that Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault has confirmed with developer Obsidian Entertainment. Word is: Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir hearkens back to the days of the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale franchises by including full party customization, dungeon crawling, and free exploration of a non-linear game world via an Overland Map. The gripping storyline foreshadows the events that will take place in the Forgotten Realms with the coming of release this June of the Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons® Roleplaying Game.

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Bolts3838d ago

I can't believe Obsidian Entertainment did not get a hold the Fallout franchise, the NWN2 engine would've been ideal.