New Zelda U Villain Suggested by Nintendo

A translation of Nintendo Japanese site could reveal a very interesting tidbit of information regarding the next full instalment of the legendary series. Stating that Link will "challenge a new mystery, a new formidable enemy.”


UPDATE Someone responded to the sites request to translate and they've posted it to the article.

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XiSasukeUchiha1610d ago

Sweet new Zelda game+New Villain=awesome!

gravelchalice1610d ago

You can probably just shorten that to new Zelda game = Awesome :)

MNGamer-N1610d ago

Isn't there usually a few new bosses in each one? Boss = Villain?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1610d ago

Not necessary.

I am fine battling HD Gannon as long as the journey to the final confrontation was fun or the fight mechanics were unique.
Like maybe fighting Gannon on the streets of Hyrule Castle Town- instead of a special boss room- and as a result having to be wary of citizens and property.

vakarian751604d ago

Like Link cares about a little property damage.

wonderfulmonkeyman1610d ago

I hope they finally do something about Link's lack of a love life.
Skyward Sword is the one that came closest to giving Link some sort of closure to the romantic tension between him and Zelda, but I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a new girl come in at some point.
Zelda could still be in it, but Link would fall for the new girl.(or, more likely, she for him)
Let the hero have a reward beyond peace in Hyrule, for once, ya know?

krazykombatant1610d ago

A new girl???? There is always a new girl in LoZ games.. Take OoT Link is basically hit on by all the females

fonger081610d ago

They sort of showed a little something in the end of Zelda 2... don't want to give it a way if you haven't beaten it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I have, but a kiss of gratitude behind a curtain is far and away from the emotional attachments that he and Zelda were displaying in Skyward Sword.
Same goes for the majority of other females in Zelda games; not even Saria's relationship with Link approached the depth of emotion in SS.
I just feel that it would be nice for something to pan out for Link in a much more obvious and clear-cut way.
Link deserves a lady in his life that isn't just a friend with a crush that never results in a confession, or the damsel he's saved showing gratitude.
Give the man some love.

fonger081610d ago

That's true, but I think that's the only real show of physical affection I've seen.
I think they refrain from really showing any growth in the Link/Zelda relationship because they (nintendo) doesn't want to commit to one aspect of the story continuation. It gives them a free pass, in a way, to explore different relationships or dynamics each game. But I agree with you, any sort of growth any of those relationships would be nice addition.

jcnba281610d ago

Beast Ganon and Ganondorf are still the best villains in this franchise.

deafdani1610d ago

For me, Demise was better, and so was Zant.

Geekman1610d ago

Demise was in the game for less than an hour.

deafdani1610d ago

@Geekman. True. That didn't stop me from liking him better than Ganondorf all the same.

randomass1711610d ago

Skyward Sword and Link Between Worlds are the only ones I've played all the way through, so I think Demise so far is the best Zelda villain. I need to play more of the games to better understand characters like Zant and OoT/WW Ganondorf.

Chrischi19881610d ago

Ganondorf ist the best, but not porc ganon, human ganon... OK, beast Ganon from OoT looks like porc ganon, but that one is cool.

Demise is basically Ganon as every other Boss is actually just a helper of Ganon, like the endboss of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, they only helped to revive Ganon.

The games were Ganondorf is the final Boss, are the most epic ones.

deafdani1610d ago

Ganon is the beast form. Ganondorf is the human form.

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