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Should Sims 4 have a premium subscription service? Perhaps

It recently came to light that The Sims 4 will likely have a premium subscription service and MWEB GameZone wonders whether that's a good idea for the game.

MWEB GameZone columnist, Zaid Kriel, surmises that is may not be that bad of an idea. (EA, Maxis, PC, The Sims 4)

HoldenZA  +   189d ago
The less subscriptions the better, in my opinion. Let me just play the game I paid for.
plut0nash  +   189d ago
bosbvok  +   189d ago
If your comment had "100% totally absolutely agree", I would have clicked it.
plut0nash  +   189d ago
Ya look, it comes down to quality of content. I look at ME3 - Some of the best DLC ever made came from them, but it needs to be paid for. Perhaps if the saving of paying for premium over buying individual DLC was substantian enough, maybe it'd be worth it. Call me old fashioned.
lord zaid  +   189d ago
Like everything, subscriptions aren't problem, its how you implement them.

If I knew for a fact EA was going to give me something every month for my fee, well then yeah, it might work.
Especially for this game, where customising is such a huge part of the game.
CongoKyle  +   189d ago
Subscriptions? Can anyone say dead game?

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