Destiny Beta: Why I Chose The Warlock and So Should You

Destiny Beta is available to those who Pre-Order the full game and after spending the entire weekend playing with all three different classes, Mont Brown from has finally decided the Warlock is his favorite character for these very reasons.

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alvinmiller921610d ago

Heck no, I will hulk smash Warlocks with Titans everyday of the week and leap over their Nova bombs.

PeaSFor1610d ago

i wear a fancy cloak and a throw a knife in your face.

Nitrowolf21610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Warlock's Special (Nova Bomb), are to OP'd in Competitive MP IMO. Their Grenade Special lasts forever on the field, if they lower it's time rate I think it would be more 'balanced'. I feel that Titans and Warlocks Special are basically a Kill no matter what, whereas with Hunters you need to be somewhat a good shooter since it relies on accuracy.

I will say that Warlocks are the most BA

1610d ago
Nitrowolf21610d ago

actually going into the subclasses, seems some are bette rin PVE and some in PVP. Liek Hunter currently right now is more suited for PVE due to specials doing more damage to bosses their, yet their arc blade subclass looks like it's geared for PVP and just as good as Warlocks and titan current PVP specials

Soldierone1610d ago

@above, I'd have to disagree with hunters being underpowered. If you know how to use them, you can dominate the field with them. I saw one guy go cloaked, put on his special, and took out our entire team.

I think anyone that focuses with a certain class will become good at it. I thought Titans were OP and easy to use, then when I switched classes I thought Warlocks were easy, then hunters etc... It's just a matter of learning the class and using it correctly.

crxss1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

hunter all the way. warlocks' are nice but not as good as the hunter, at least in pvp. better than the titan though.

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EdnaJones971610d ago

Easier said than done. Warlocks are extremely powerful and like PeasFor said, how can you not love the fancy Jedi knight cloak?

patelsanjeed1610d ago

The Titans built the wall and are needed now more than ever to deal with the hive and fallen threat.

charliewong9801610d ago

I fancy myself a pretty good long range specialist, playing as a hunter is more challenging and something I relish than magic spells.

Scatpants1610d ago

Hunter is my favorite. Even if it may not be as powerful as the other two it is just more fun to play to me.

Hellsvacancy1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Yep, I went with the Hunter, it's really satisfying when I come up against someone who's spraying bullets everywhere trying to kill me only for me to throw a knife in his face, the flaming Magnum is powerful aswel

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masterfox1610d ago

yep thats why I choose warlock, and you can do that from large distances too :D

henrythomas2841610d ago

Warlocks rule. I am glad the author didn't go with the obvious choice. Most of my friends are playing as Hunters and Titans, but I think I will give Warlocks a chance, once the network is back up.

ArronNelson1610d ago

Everyone talking about Warlocks and Titans. My play through with Hunters have been awesome, couldn't see myself playing with any other classes. Maybe because I love the options of long range and stealth weapons I can utilize with Hunters.

Cryptcuzz1610d ago

I am using the Hunter myself as well, but aren't all weapons available the same to all classes? I play with my brothers and they are each Titan and Warlock respectively and they are able to use the same kinds of weapons.

Frankskint1610d ago

People are underestimating the powers of Warlocks, remember we have only witnessed the surface of what these Jedi knight magicians can do and even what i have seen on the Beta has blown me away.

Warlock all the way and if you disagree I too will throw a knife in your face with my fancy cloak.

InTheLab1610d ago

I choose warlock over very other class in any game and my obsession started 9 years ago in Warcraft. All I need in Destiny is a pet imp named Nalnar or a succubus named Jhornys.

And yeah I agree that bomb is kinda op but it has a very long cool down to balance it out. I'll probably run a lock when the game goes live but will try out the other classes here soon.

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