You Don’t Understand Destiny’s “Control” Crucible Matches – Here’s How Scoring Really Works.

Bungie’s Destiny is the hottest game in the world right now, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular games to play – even if we’re only playing in the Beta test. With the only option in player versus player firefights coming in “Control” style matches, Bungie has let the community loose on what feels like a standard three flag “domination” match. It isn’t, and Bungie’s change to the standard formula might surprise you and change the way you play the Crucible forever.

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ROQFrost1611d ago

People can't win with me on the opposing team.

JoeIsMad1611d ago

My kill-death ratio says just about the same thing.

Septic1611d ago

Cheers for this! The title was right: I didn't know how scoring worked lol. Great informative piece mate.

kneon1611d ago

Unless I'm also on your team, in which case you can't win ;)

I always focused on capturing flags, to the point that my kd was often horrendous. Had I known kills were more important I wouldn't have spent so much time waiting like a sitting duck for the inevitable grenade spam and titan smash to wipe me out.

Omar911611d ago

Wow I'm glad I read this! This will help me decide whether I want to capture the base or just kill my enemies instead.

Good read thanks!

JoeIsMad1611d ago

No problem. It is very surprising how matches can turn around when you control all the objectives, but I noticed this after we had all the flags and still lost in one of our matches. Crazy stuff.

iceman061611d ago

This explains everything. I was on a team that pretty much lost control of 2 of the 3 flags for a huge portion of the game. However, the top 2 players on my team (not me at all) had like 34 and 27 kills and we still won. Thanks for the clarification.

joab7771611d ago

Yeah...this kinda changes everything. You are not racking up points for simply have to hold and kill...and try not to die while they are holding.

It actually makes it even harder for the losing team to come back simply b/c we r programmed to get that next flag at all costs.

Now to one final point that is imperative. At launch, please have party chat and non party chat. I love to play with frienda but over half of my time playing will probably be alone.

JoeIsMad1611d ago

The thing is, you have to know how to get an hold your flags and their security points. Some objectives have two or three ways in, and other have 5 ways in. Leave the objectives that have many entry points alone, and just own and hold down the easier points to defend.

Stevefantisy1611d ago

Awesome thanks for the info on this its good to know they are doing this.

JoeIsMad1611d ago

Thanks. It took quite a while to figure out that we weren't scoring on flags.

Soldierone1611d ago

Yeah figured this out when one team started getting all defensive, not capturing anything, but camping out and killing us. We held 3 flags for a majority of the game and still managed to lose (even though I had 6000 points and the next guy had 5500) all thanks to the bottom 3 guys having a grand total of like 2k points lol

JoeIsMad1611d ago

I don't think that anything is ever going to match the guy who [seemingly legitimately] lost the game for us with 28 deaths and not so much as an assist.

HyperBear1611d ago

Pretty sure that was probably me with the 28 deaths and no kills, :( I'm so crappy at Destiny in PvP/Crucible it's not even funny.

I suck so bad, It made me feel like quitting gaming altogether. But, I'll just stick to the shared-world campaign!

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The story is too old to be commented.