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Submitted by fathoms 566d ago | opinion piece

Destiny Beta Having A Positive Impact?

Are we seeing lots of positive responses to the Destiny beta test? Have expectations for Bungie's shared-world shooter actually risen? (Destiny, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

dboyc310  +   566d ago
It honestly felt more like a demo to me. The game feels and looks really polished. A few developers should learn from them when they do the opposite and release unfinished products to retail even after having a "beta".
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kneon  +   566d ago
The quality of the beta is excellent, very few glitches.

I did get shot by a turret in the crucible even though it showed no one was in it. And much worse I lost my soccer ball when it disappeared in a gap in the geometry :(
DJNOSTYLE  +   566d ago
RIP Soccer Ball 2014-2014

I feel your pain
christian hour  +   566d ago
Yup I would say the recent Alpha/Beta tests have definitely boosted this games image amongst the community. I'll admit I was excited for a new Bugnie game when Destiny was announced, and I liked the concept and the art shown off at the time.

When I heard Activision were publishing, I got cold feet and decided to just no longer have any expectations for the title.

After about 2 years of not really giving a crap about the next franchise/studio that activision will destroy, we al got Alpha access on ps4 this year and... well it changed my ignorant tune almost entirely. To the point where I got the blues when the alpha ended, and was too scared to join the beta because I didn't want to gain and lose Destiny AGAIN!

This game has really taken a lot of people by surprise, even my brother who is primarily a fifa and realistic miliatry war shooter gamer, LOVES it, and he HATES sci fi, halo, anything that isnt a real life thing in games etc.

Congrats to bungie on a well polished beta and good luck to all the xbox camp who will be crash landing on old russia tomorrow when the beta hits their consoles :)

One thing I would change, and that is enabling public proximity chat for the campaign/explore missions AT LEAST. I can see the Tower getting trolled but if someone is bothering you in explore or campaign, you can just hop on your sparrow and drive away, or mute them with ease.

This game is dying for major social interactivity, and the proximity voice in fireteams sounds soooo good (echoing and reverb while in interiors, staticy comms when too far from squad etc) it would be a shame not to have the voices of other guardians wandering the wasteland echoing through the gunfire. If you've only been playing this game with friends through the consoles group chat, leave immediately and join the game chat, it really adds to the immersion.

I'm not sure on the bandwidth usage of sending and receiving voice, and I'm not sure how much of the cpu/gpu goes in to processing the effects of proximity voice in fireteams, so it could very well be just down to technical limitations of older consoles and wanting to keep parity across platforms. If thats the case, fair enough I can accept that. but if it's not, I don't think the 1 in 10 gamers being an asshole is enough of a reason to cut out the option altogether at least.
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leemo19  +   566d ago
Everybody I talk to is enjoying the beta a lot, even one of my friends who was skeptical on Destiny went and pre-order it due to the beta. I say yes the beta is having a good impact on the gaming community.
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The Meerkat  +   566d ago
Is a beautiful 25 degree sunny day here, and I'm sitting in work thinking about going home and playing the Destiny Beta.

So yeah, its had a positive impact on me.
christian hour  +   566d ago
Same. Whats even worse is, the beta is still down for its scheduled maintenance until tomorrow :( It's the post-Alpha blues all over again and the Beta isn't even done yet! IT'S TEARING ME APART, LISA!
killswitchmad  +   566d ago
I was massively skeptical about Destiny but gave it a preorder to try out the beta and I am so glad I did!

It has been a long time since a game has kept my attention for more than a couple of hours a day, I stuck the beta on and the next thing I knew it was 7 hours later....nothing short of a masterpiece so far....
Mr-Dude  +   566d ago
The alpha turned me over to preorder the full game. It's bad the beta is offline now till tomorrow. After the beta ends, it will be a long wait till september.
KOOLWIIP  +   566d ago
yeah I hate to see the beta end also. but then I remembered, ill be playing the last of us MP on PS4 @1080p 60fps. that will carry me over till destinys launch.
Crazyglues  +   566d ago
If anyone still needs a PS4 code, I got two... Just hit reply and say yeah, "I'll take one.."

-and I'll PM it to you..

(the beta's been a lot of fun, comes back up on Wednesday)

||.........___||............ ||
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Funantic1  +   566d ago
I'll take one
Crazyglues  +   566d ago
Ok, sent...
mrmonk  +   566d ago
Yeah I'll take one
Crazyglues  +   566d ago
Ok, sent...

||.........___||............ ||
moscardini7  +   566d ago
Yes is good start , fun game to play all my friends are play the game and every like :) ,
danowat  +   566d ago
Anyone got any spare xbox one codes?
Budobear  +   566d ago
I am really interested to see what the Xbox clan think when it opens up again and they've all had the chance to play it.
christian hour  +   566d ago
They're gonna love it, I think the anti-bungie haters were just a butt hurt vocal minority.

I've been part of the bungie community for 13 years now, and while they may not be as community focused on their forums as they used to be (the populous has grown IMMENSELY in the last 5 years alone) and Frankie O'Connors weekly updates are still sorely missed to this day, they're still a great company making great games and there's still a great chunk of the old community keeping the spirit alive.

I'm sure come tomorrow, xbox owners will be very happy people, and the ones who were complaining to begin with, are just going to look for more things to complain about tomorrow.

Let em have a good game ruined on them by their own self entitlement, the rest of us can keep enjoying (or for the xbox newcomers, START enjoying) this awesome game for what it is, the next evolution of Halo :)
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Budobear  +   566d ago
I hope so, I was quite surprised at the level of vitriol in the anti Bungie posts.
I'm looking forward to get back into again when it opens up tomorrow.
BIG_KRAZ13  +   566d ago
I would appreciate it if someone can PM me an Xbox One beta code. Thanks in advance.
Douchebag696  +   566d ago
Honestly, I was worried that I would be as disappointed with Destiny as I was with Elder Scrolls Online. I'm glad that wasn't the case. I found the game amazing. Right now I wish some of the more advanced of the collectors editions were still available but that's how the cookie crumbles.
mrmonk  +   566d ago
Any1 got a spare code for beta for ps4 i preordered the game at amazon yesterday think i was to late 4 a code tho would like to give it a go?
Grave  +   566d ago
I enjoyed everything except the PvP. The PvP seems generic, old and SO last gen. Where's the innovation in PvP Bungie? On this front it seems they didn't stray too far from the Halo formula. I would love to see open world PvP where players could jump into the bodies of the enemies while you are doing your missions. Now that would be sick.
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Douchebag696  +   566d ago
I hated that part about Halo. Who gives a damn about the perspective of the enemy. I just want to shoot some damn evil aliens.
christian hour  +   566d ago

I think he meant being able to play and respawn as part of the enemies during PVE, kinda like the counter operative mode in Perfect Dark 64.

I agree, I loved that mode in Perfect Dark over 15 years ago and I havent seen it been done since. And I'm always hoping someone does it.
Manubiggs  +   566d ago
i was on the fence about Destiny before the beta but after 20 hours of playing the beta I'm hooked. Can't wait to get back into it tomorrow. It means Evolve, AC4, Far Cry 4 will all have to wait till next year. The hardest part is having to wait till 9th September.
KOOLWIIP  +   566d ago
destiny has me hooked.. its fun, I just wish it had a smooth 60fps framerate..that's the only disappointment I have with the game.
76erz24  +   566d ago
i've enjoyed the beta very much and to my surprise am anxiously awaiting the return of the beta tomorrow. But my main concern with the game is the story missions. The gameplay and scenarios are a ton of fun but the actual story feels contrived and almost like backstory. They've set up an interesting world but hopefully the story goes way more into depth in the final game.
bamillington  +   566d ago
Am I the only one who thought it wasnt that good
Budobear  +   566d ago
I'm enjoying it or rather have done and will do again tomorrow, I thought it was a bit empty in places and there isn't enough loot for my liking which I think is due to being spoilt by Borderlands. I would have liked weapons on my speeder bike but thats just me.
Other than that its pretty good.
What do you find wrong with it?
JDBaryon  +   566d ago
Does anyone have a spare XBox One code? I would really love to try this out. Thank you in advance!
LAWSON72  +   566d ago
I think it is great but I think a lot of people are not going to like it despite many people liking it.

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