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Submitted by nintendo_fan_4life 494d ago | video

Luigi Death Stare Featured In Official Nintendo Commercial

The famous Luigi death stare, from Mario Kart 8, has been acknowledged by Nintendo in their latest Mario Kart 8 television commercial for Japan. (Mario Kart 8, Wii U)

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donnieboy  +   494d ago
RmanX1000  +   494d ago
that was just amazing...
miyamoto  +   494d ago
*cough! rip 0ff! *cough!

Some company is using other people's ideas....
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TheAmazing_OMEGA  +   494d ago
barely.... they only used it because of the internet :/
Metallox  +   494d ago
Don't see how.
Timesplitter14  +   494d ago
Mario Kart 8 is one hell of a beautiful game
iNFAMOUZ1  +   494d ago
lol scary sh**
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Software_Lover  +   494d ago
lol, everytime I see that I laugh.
HollywoodLA  +   494d ago
The fledgling Wiiu, riding on the back of Luigi's death stare.

Get your third-party dev relations in order, Nintendo.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   494d ago
Lazy third party video game software just can't compete with Nintendo triple A's.
Metallox  +   494d ago
You must be Sir Buzzkiller of the Off Topic Kingdom. This is not the news to say that.
HollywoodLA  +   494d ago
AJ - Right, that's the issue lol... /sarcasm

Metallox - Buzzkill, yes. Off topic, no. The failure of the Wiiu is quite 'on topic.'

I just think Nintendo devotees need to demand a little bit more from their favorite console manufacturer. Buying first-party games isn't going to work, guys. Might want to retool that arsenal lol..
InTheLab  +   494d ago
His name is actually Sir Buzz Killington.....

I've been riding N for months about the WiiU and even I won't touch this. You don't hate on good will efforts like this. This type of viral marketing is exactly what N should be doing.
Realplaya  +   494d ago
@ HollywoodLA Before you run your mouth go support your Company you rep. Kaz came out and said 1st party software loses them money. This leads to them having to compensate by paying off 3rd parties.
TongkatAli  +   494d ago
Scarface 2 starring Luigi, make it happen Nintendo.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   494d ago
Lmao...I never get tired of seeing that death stare!
Good-Smurf  +   494d ago
Danny Boy on Mario Kart 8 trailer?
Wow,that is a sad song to use for such a happy game.
SilentNegotiator  +   494d ago
Sounds more like "You Raise Me Up"
Bathyj  +   494d ago
If I were to find myself being confronted by a gang of thugs, an irate MMA fighter, or even a pack of Werewolves, I would want Luigi standing besides me to stare them down.
BrandanT  +   494d ago
CloudyAero  +   494d ago
Luigi finally made it... took him 25+ years. But he did it!
ritsuka666  +   494d ago
Luigi will dominate the world bitches!
HavokPants  +   494d ago
koopas like dat ass
MNGamer-N  +   494d ago
If only Mario and Luigi could rip off their mustaches and use them as weapons!
JacketsNest101  +   493d ago
Was that "You Raise Me Up" that was vocalized in the trailer?
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SilentNegotiator  +   493d ago
At least I wasn't alone. I thought it sounded like that song too.
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Pozzle  +   492d ago
I hear it too. It definitely sounds like You Raise Me Up.

Though it sounds a bit off-key (probably to avoid copyright infringement lol)

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