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Submitted by Erimgard 564d ago | opinion piece

You’re Looking at The Last of Us Remastered’s Price Wrong

Gamnesia writes: The gaming community is a bit divided on The Last of Us Remastered at this time. Some gamers question the point of remaking a game just one year later, while the $50 price tag ($10 shy of the normal retail release price for new games) is also raising a few eyebrows. Sony has defended the game and its price tag with one developer calling it a steal at that price. Is the $50 release justified? To answer that, you have to understand that most gamers are looking at the game all wrong. (Naughty Dog, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

Aldous_Snow   564d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
yewles1  +   564d ago
Question: Are the new upcoming DLC supported in the season pass, or is it too late?
Mr Pumblechook  +   564d ago
If you already bought the PS3 version you paid and received a top quality game and this new version doesn't invalidate your purchase. It also includes the extra DLC content so it effectively makes it a Game of the Year edition. When I bought Skyrim and Fallout 3 I didn't receive the subsequent GOTY of those games for free. Likewise when the next-gen version of Tomb Raider came out PS3/360 owners had to pay for the new version. The added bonus with The Last of Us: Remastered is that it has greatly upgraded graphics.

And if you are a PS4 owner who has never played The Last of Us then I can tell you (based on my experience from the PS3 version) is that the game will immediately be arguably the best on the platform in terms of graphics and gameplay that stands head on shoulders over any other AAA release currently available on PS4. When you put it like that the $49 bucks/ £39 quid asking price is a steal.
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itBourne  +   564d ago
I thought the same thing when people were complaining about the price, how is it any different then game of the year edition prices. It isnt, except you get an upgraded version on top of it. Also am I the only one excited for the directors commentary. I love those on my favorite movies, so I am pumped for it with one of my favorite games.

I am also happy that the mp wont be segregated with different dlc, because everyone will have them. The mp really is a blast, so play it if you havent, and give it a chance, takes some getting used to.
Bathyj  +   564d ago
Exactly what Ive said previously. If this was simply a GotY edition (which for all intensive purposes it is) on the PS3 no one would have batted an eyelid.

But for some reason because its a GotY edition but on a console thats never had the game before its a big deal.

Sonys mistake? They should have called it The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition, not Remastered, and they should have released is on PS3 simultaneously as proof of my theory. If it were on PS3 for that price with all the DLC no one would be complaining, and if your werent complaining about the PS3 version, you couldnt very well complain about a better, PS4 version for the same price.
Darkstares  +   564d ago
I see nothing wrong with the price. We've seen games come out later but are first on that console for full price. You have to remember, not all PS4 owners had a PS3 so this is a new game to them.

If people don't like the price then wait awhile, I imagine it will drop over time.
Sy_Wolf  +   564d ago
That's actually a really good poit, bubs for you good sir.
Volkama  +   564d ago
A GOTY re-release would be released and the current owners of the game wouldn't care. Unlike a normal GOTY release, this one really is a definitive version so there really is a feeling that you should buy the game twice.

It is also pretty much the primary first party offering for the holiday season, so that group of gamers that already paid full price are paying attention. Certainly I don't think it is the people that have never played it that are complaining about the price (rival fanboys excluded of course, as they should be from every discussion).

I think these are probably the reasons it gets so much criticism, even if it isn't necessarily fair on the game or Naughty Dog.
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joab777  +   564d ago
Exactly. What price should it be? For those who havnt played it, its worth much more...just play it. Its that good.
GribbleGrunger  +   564d ago
There's actually only a small pocket of consumers that are angry over the price. Most people are happy with what they're getting:

Higher resolution textures
Better lighting
Better shadows
Better AA
Better AF
Cutscene quality character models
All the current DLC (including Left Behind)
More sound options
DualShock 4 features (light bar/speaker/touch pad)
Being able to play it with a better controller.

$50 ($25 if you trade in your PS3 copy at Gamestop)
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spicelicka  +   564d ago
lol if you really have nitpick on things like "better shadows" to justify your price then that's pretty sad. Most people are getting it just so they can play on their PS4 and they don't have a PS3.

I'm not saying the price isn't justified though, it's an amazing game and people will pay what they think it's worth. For those that don't wanna pay $50, they can wait a few months and the price will be lower.
geddesmond  +   564d ago
Let me explain why the price is taking the biscuit. Most of these people including myself already bought this game and it's season pass. These are the people who are there for Sony and ND. The ones who support their products with hard earned cash.

We have already experienced this game on a number of playthroughs to the point were we know exactly what happens next in the game and were every single item in the game is laid out. This is why we have a problem with the price because considering the game doesn't look much better than the PS3 version all that 50 bucks is for is upgraded Framerate.

How is it that 2 other great games can come in a bundle remastered for the PS4 and cost 40 euros for the bundle but ND and Sony have to charge 45 euros for 1 game.

That bundle I'm talking about is the Metro 1 and 2 remastered bundle by the way and it comes with all dlc released for both games too.

As for I, Sony can charge what they want as I'll be getting Metro instead. When the price drops to like 50 percent next year or they give it away free in playstation plus they ill play it until then. Next.
Spotie  +   564d ago
Metro isn't just a year old for one thing.

For another, it's a lot more than an upgraded framerate. It's had a pretty extensive graphical overhaul on every front.

Furthermore, it is directly in line with other such DLC-supplemented versions of games.

Finally, the game isn't aimed primarily at people who already own the game and the DLC. You're not entitled to anything, even a lower price than what they're offering.

Since they're not selling it to you in the first place, I don't think Sony of worried about missing out on your money.

geddesmond  +   564d ago

Yeah the graphics are so improved in every way that when you look at the trailers your baffled thinking is this the PS3 version I'm looking at. Yeah yeah yeah compressed video and all that it will look different on your tv.

Well do u expect me to buy the game just to see for myseld.

Tomb raider PS3 V PS4. Very noticeable difference even on compressed video. TLOU Remastered ps3 v ps4 trailer comparison= game of spot the difference.

Also for 1 thing Metro 2033 was never on PS3 so it's very new to Playstation only gamers like myself.

Anyway the sales of TLOU Remastered will prove to everyone how many suckers are out there willing to throw money away. Thank god this retarded drought of games will be over soon so we won't have these crappy rip offs thrown in our face. And no I wasn't calling the Last of us crappy. That game is awesome.

Now spotie do you care to shine some light on those recent EA charged demos. Tell us how we should be paying companies money just to demo their games with your PR BS LOL.
XiRockLee  +   564d ago
Cant wait
typittt69  +   564d ago
Can't wait for tuesday! Never played it. Getting the best version gonna be awesome!
Bathyj  +   564d ago
Wow, you never played it? Its almost like this game is aimed at you. There are 80m PS3's and 80m X360's, I was sure TLoU had sold 160 million copies. /s
typittt69  +   564d ago
My ps3 died on me last year before it came out. Almost bought another one to play it but invested in the new consoles instead. Glad i did :)
philm87  +   564d ago
Playstation exclusive so Xbox360 players like me never played it.
Shakengandulf  +   564d ago
Ahh mate, enjoy it... Its one hell of a ride.

Lol @ GribbleGrunger, summed it up quite nicely.
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Boody-Bandit  +   564d ago
TR:DE was a great game but it's no TLOU. TLOU is considered to be a masterpiece by some and one of the most award winning games of all time.

I think it's a brilliant move by Sony and Naughty Dog. It gives PS4 consumers that never played it a chance to play a significantly improved version in every way. Early polls suggest that a considerable amount of early PS4 adopters were once Wii and XBOX 360 supporters from last gen. Plus I know a ton of PS3 consumers, myself included, that played it on the PS3 and are all getting it for the PS4 day one.

Personally this is one of my most anticipated titles this year and I'm really looking forward to it.
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Erimgard  +   564d ago
The above post has since been edited, so this post is no longer relevant.
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Volkama  +   564d ago

*I added this comment after the 2 comments above were edited, so it was never relevant to begin with. Sorry.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   564d ago
what? you mean to tell me its actually.06 cents instead?
OUROSMAG  +   564d ago
The price isn't a problem self entitlement and expecting a business to cater to cry babies is. If you can't afford to purchase it wait a while or don't buy it at all, and quit complaining.
Death  +   564d ago
So you are saying no one should buy new games or st least not the first year in case the dev starts on a remaster as soon as it's released? For those that haven't already bought the game, $50 is a steal. For those that already bought it, it's a cash grab.
OUROSMAG  +   564d ago
No what I'm saying is, if the price is a big deal to anyone, don't buy it you're not being forced to.
Death  +   564d ago
No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. That's not even the point. People that bought the game on the PS3 that planned on supporting Sony by buying a PS4 may have waited if Sony would have told them they were working on a PS4 version. Offering a digital version for existing owners at a more resonable cost would also be a nice gesture. It's not unreasonable for loyal supporters of the platform to be a little irked by the close timing of the releases without having the information they could have used to make a decision that was better for them.

Like I said, for those that haven't played it is a great game well worth $50. For those that bought it on the PS3 that feel the need to replay it again with the improvements on their PS4, it's a cash grab. It might even be another story all together if this wasn't the best release on the system for anyone that has bought a PS4.
Jonny5isalive  +   564d ago
I think the price is good and I already had it on ps3. Im wrong you say?
MasterCornholio  +   564d ago
I'm nabbing it for 40€ which is a great price in my opinion. I'm really getting sick and tired of the hate that this game is receiving.
Dynasty2021  +   564d ago
Not really.

All I see is £50 for the new DLC and some slightly better textures.

I love TLOU but there's no way I would pay that amount for the same game, just for an FPS boost.
Thantalas  +   564d ago
Dynasty2021 "I love TLOU but there's no way I would pay that amount for the same game, just for an FPS boost."

Forgive me if I state the obvious but don't buy it! No one is holding a gun to your head. Your opinion is entirely valid for you, however there are those that want to make their own purchase decisions and some, many, do want to buy this. For the many PS4 owners who are new to the PlayStation platform this is a great option to have.
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hardcorehippiez  +   564d ago
except its 40 quid not 50
and it is more than just an fps boost
DualWielding  +   564d ago
I just don't see what the issue is, if you think its too expensive then wait until the price drop... thats what I do with every game as I don't think any game is worth 60
Jazzuri  +   564d ago
Not sure what all the fuss is about with this game....? I grabbed it on ps3 some time ago for dirt cheap and found it to be the most overated game ive ever played. Textures were a mess and the frame rate was frightening. We returned it the very next day. We game on a 3m front projector screen and it was far from pretty. I really am amused at all the rave revues surrounding this game.

I have really come to understand the power of the media and how much of an important role they play in messing with consumers heads.

My son and I along with my fanatical sony neighbour just couldnt come to grips with just how bad a game tlou really is, its embaressing to see peopl gloat over what we found to be an astronomical mess. This game was for us a complete failure.

Now, unless our day one ps3 was struggling with the game I really just can't understand how this tripe was so well received. It was absolutely terrible.

Im not even sure an improved frame rate along with improved graphics could redeem this game for I say to those of you smothered by the hype to simply purchase it from a store that provides returns as its not everyones cup of tea, regardless of what the hype train would have you believe.
Hyper_Tension140  +   564d ago
You sound like you didn't finish the game at all, what about the story, gameplay, the soundtrack, all you talked about is graphics and framerate.

You seem to like Nintendo(comment history), so what's wrong with you.
Jazzuri  +   563d ago
No thats the point we couldnt bring ourselves to complete it, it was a truly frustrating experience.

The game is highly regarded for its visuals, thats why..

Maybe sitting 3-4 metres back on a 50inch display helps disguise the visuals but the broken framerate goes unchanged regardless of the screen size.

We were unable to get past these aspects and so for us the story was lost in translation.

Not sure what liking nintendo has to do with the subject matter nor whats wrong with people that do.

Maybe this release will allow us to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, maybe not?

As it stands, on PS3 this game was not a good experience for us and so we are left confused, wondering what all the hype is about.
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philm87  +   564d ago
Gamestop in the UK are selling it for £29.97, or £9.97 with trade in. I traded in Infamous and have never played it before so it seems like an absolute bargain!
KonsoruMasuta  +   564d ago
I find it funny because everyone was complaining about the Tomb Raider: DE price.

"Oh, it's the same game we played last year just prettier" Oh, the hypocrisy.

I personally never had much of a problem with either. I'll still buy it.
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