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Wii U System Update Version 5.1.0 Now Available

Wii U system update version 5.1.0 is now available, bringing with it system-to-system transfers and a host of eShop navigation options via controllers. (eShop, Wii U)

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Aldous_Snow   492d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Metallox  +   492d ago
Oh, finally we can use another controller in the eShop aside from the Wii U Gamepad. I don't have that one for now and I need to access to the store right now, I don't understand why we couldn't do this in the past.
Kevlar009  +   492d ago
They need full controller interaction. I should be able to use my Wiimotes and Gamepad in both the Wii and WiiU menus
Agent Smith  +   492d ago
"Users can now navigate the Nintendo eShop using a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, or Classic Controller"

Awesome. I hope they add an update that let us turn on the system with the Pro Controller without it also turning on the gamepad.
Spooney323  +   492d ago
We need GameCube controller support as well :D
XiSasukeUchiha  +   492d ago
Sweet Nintendo updates:)
PumpkinEater69   492d ago | Spam
DC777  +   492d ago
So you can transfer from your old Wii U to your new Wii U and won't need the gamepad. Hmm...interesting.
Dunban67  +   492d ago
I agree it is interesting- what is the purpose of using multiple controllers for the e shop- is that done In case someone's game pad is broken?
Chrischi1988  +   491d ago
Yes, I guess. Or if the battery is empty and you dont have the charger with you, for whatever reason^^
Dunban67  +   491d ago
Makes sense - choices are always good- I get the feeling there may be something bigger behind these updates that may not be revealed in the near future but it's just a hunch

Either way any improvement is good
mikeyphi   492d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
bobsmith  +   492d ago
my gamepad battery always is dead so I like being able to use eshop without having to charge it now . if only I can start games like nes remix and pikmin 3 without gamepad now.
Summons75  +   492d ago
Call support. I play my wiiu nearly everyday for a while and I need to charge the controller maybe everyother day? Gamepad battery is decent if yours is always dead you probably have a defected one.
bobsmith  +   492d ago
no i just use wii controller but the gamepad stays on the whole time, even if you turn off display it drains battery,

so I dont want to waste electricy by keep charging it when I dont use it so I just keep the battery dead.

But I have to charge it to start games like nes remix even tho u can play it with wiimote it wont let you start the game without gemepad on.
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Metallox  +   492d ago
I think you can turn off the Gamepad if you hold the power button of the controller for a while.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   492d ago
get the extended battery 6-8 hrs usage
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player002   492d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
rivencleft  +   492d ago
When I can start using the Wii U Pro Controllers with virtual console games, i.e. Mario Kart 64, etc. then I'll give a rat's ass.
Metallox  +   492d ago
You can already do that, sir, it's just that there aren't N64 games in the VC yet.
Zjet  +   491d ago
Yay finally being able to navigate eshop with a pro controller, the amount of times i just want to check the eshop and i have to go find my gamepad power supply because it has run out of power ....again.

Great addition, and great to see system transfer too!
berndogskate  +   491d ago
Wish they would add eject disc option
deafdani  +   491d ago
What difference does that make, really? I mean, if you eject the disc, you will get up to remove it from the console, anyway... right? You won't just let the disc hang there, half out, half inside the console.

Ejecting the disc remotely looks cool, but serves absolutely no purpose if you have to get up to get the disc anyway.
randomass171  +   491d ago
I believe the disc slot is also like a PS3 slim's where it will retract the disc if you eject and wait too long. As deafdani said having an eject button on your controller is a little redundant since you have to get up and get over to the console to switch the disc anyway.

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